The Daly Informational: Roped by the Team was released March 19, 2013. Next books will be Corralled and Claimed and Under Their Protection (update 3/20/2014)

The Dungeon News: Next up for Taboo Wishes, Dr. Jerk and Master Hyde. It will release in 2014. The first Taboo Wishes print anthology is also available now. The next Cress Family has been accepted by Ellora's Cave, release date pending. (update 8/11/2013)

The Dragons Cave: There will be two new Cruentus Dragon books but they are unplanned at this time.(update 10/31/2012)

Brother's Wife: The sequel will be released late 2014. (update 3/20/14)

All About Alaska: The next Mounted in Alaska book is in the works and I hope to have it released in Fall 2014. (update 3/20/2014)

Other News: I'm planning a big year for 2014. It looks like there will be 6 Daly books this year, as well as a new paranormal Vampire series, another North Springs book and my first two new adult books. 

Happy Reading! ~~ Brynn