Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's A Miracle

Good morning!

I thought I'd stop in with a post before diving into my morning writing. River and the boys over in Daly are awaiting my guidance on their second draft, lol. In my last post, I said this book was difficult for me to get into, and that's true, but once I was immersed in it, the initial draft was great to write. The emotions I needed to explore (and am still exploring) have been illuminating. Revisiting characters I love has been...a bit of a homecoming and it makes me excited for the new stories ahead. River and her sisters are in for a big surprise in this book, and that surprise will lead us in a slightly new direction with the series. Daly is growing and that growth is leading to new townspeople and new businesses.  

Speaking of growth, on the recommendation of several people, I've started reading The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. Wow! What a book for helping you get more focused and get your life together. It's been interesting to me to see that I'd already implemented several of the techniques into my life, but a far less focused way. I think what it's really helped me to do is start sorting through all the things tangled up in my head. Trust me, you woudn't want a look in there. What a jumbled up mess. My brain never settles and it's not uncommon for multiple thoughts to be jockeying for attention at every given moment. Just practicing the six steps presented has helped settle that chaos a bit. I'd highly recommend the book.

I'll be back soon. Happy reading!

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