Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's New? Winter Abandon!

Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce my new book, Winter Abandon. 

Eight years ago, the worst thing possible happened to Jedikiah Stoltzfus. He fell in love with his best friend—forbidden love that led to the worst torture an Amish could endure: shunning. Given the choice to forsake his love or leave, Jed chose to make his way in the “English” world, sure his lover would do the same.

Eight years ago, Yoseph Schrock made a terrible mistake. Believing Jed would claim to forsake him then find a way for their love to go on, he bent to the elder’s demands, willing to temporarily pretend repentance. Too late, he discovered he and Jed could never be together. Jed’s shunning would separate them permanently.

Neither man has forgotten the love they lost. When a twist of fate brings them together again, will they make the right decisions or will they find themselves separated once more, this time forever?

Happy reading!