Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five Years, Fourteen Days

I did it! Last night, I finished the book that would not end. After three re-writes, I finally got it right and was able to end the book. Francesca Cress' book is finally complete and hopefully soon, she can join the ranks of her brothers who live in On Your Knees, All Chained Up, Master Me and Gentle Control. Of course, Francesca is the over-achiever of the bunch. She weighs in at almost half again the length of the longest of her brothers' books.

I'm so excited about this work and I felt such an extreme sense of accomplishment when I finally finished it. I love these characters, and I love their story! Sometimes, when I finish a manuscript, I don't want to think about it for awhile because it drains me so much. Not so with this one. I could happily sit down and read it again today :-)

I'll keep all of you updated on this one as I hear back on it! And today...I'm hard at work on the next Daly Way book!



Donna said...

I would happily sit down and read it for you, in case you're too tired or anything! Just trying to be helpful here. :)

Congrats to you for sticking with it and getting it completed for me - oh, and o your other fans, too, of course!


Brynn Paulin said...

Thanks Donna! I hope you love it as much as I do!!! :-)