Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ending the Slump

Hey! It's me, the bad blogger. I'm back (I hope!). I have to say, this has been a bit of a "slump year" all around for me. Not as much writing as usual, not as much motivation for much of anything beyond getting by, but I feel as if that's all behind me. Things are better.

Now, some of you might say seven books out this year does not qualify as a slump, but dude! that's so off my normal mark. I'm hoping to get back to normal next year. It's funny what a bad case of writer's block can do. And yes, I've always said I don't believe in writer's block, but if what has assailed me this year isn't a block, I don't know what is! There were days on end when I would stare at walls, the ceiling, my computer screen and just have nothing, no matter how hard I tried or what trick I tried. There were no stories there. I had ideas -- I always have ideas -- but there was no text to accompany them.

That's past now. Suddenly, the past few weeks, it's like a canvas has been pulled off me. I see this whole expanse of possibilities before me just waiting to be put to paper. I'm fired up and the sparks of idea are getting ready to blaze into an inferno of words. I feel inspired and energized which is something that's been missing.

But let me clarify... Obviously, I got work done this year -- and it was good work! Still every word was a struggle taking me ten times as long as normal. I have to say, I'm proud of what I did because I didn't just quit. I hope this blog doesn't come across as woe is me because I don't feel that way. I'm just excited to finally be moving forward. I feel like the old me is back. Maybe my brain just needed a little rest. I don't know.

Anyway, in celebration of this new day dawning, I've updated my blog with a new hot look and I'm getting ready to roll into 2013. Talk soon!



Bronwyn Green said...

Love the new look and I'm so excited for you that the slump cloud is lifting! I can't wait to read more BP books! :D

Cheryl Dragon said...

yeah!! on a roll:)