Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Twenty-one — General Information

Welcome to Monday. I thought today, I would start Monday 21. So here we go.


1. Has a dog who snores like a human.
2. Is a Boy Scout Troop Scoutmaster and has gotten all but two boys to Eagle, so far.
3. Thinks 65 is a good temp for the house all the time.
4. Is addicted to old-school romance novels (especially old Harlequins)
5. Doesn’t particularly like chocolate unless in the mood for it, and then just a teeny bit.
6. Is a perpetual Weight Watcher who might eventually make goal.
7. Loves fried Rangoon. (see last point, and now you understand)
8. Loves, loves, loves to cook and thinks butter is awesome. (See #6 again)
9. Is a NASCAR fan.
10. Isn’t afraid of spiders, bugs, clowns, storms, dentists or needles; is mildly scared of heights, basements and the dark; is fairly terrified of rodents and snakes.
11. Has a 1950’s housewife living inside her.
12. Likes Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time and Criminal Minds.
13. Also is a Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy junkie.
14. Thinks the Keurig and the iPad are the greatest inventions in recent history.
15. Has a car decked out in Tinker Bell décor.
16. Collects penguins.
17. Never wanted to be a ballerina; always wanted to be a figure skater.
18. Can’t ice skate.
19. Mentors a first grader at a local school.
20. Thinks red is the best color and that blue is a close second.
21. Has crazy neighbors who do really weird things.


Kenzie Michaels said...

I love Crab Rangoon! Also Pasta, which is why I seriously need to get back on the morning walking schedule...

anarchist said...


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Bronwyn Green said...

For the record, you're totally gonna make goal!