Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hi everyone! It's that time of year when I've been doing all those health things. Eye appointments, dentists, doctors, immunizations, the big squish, etc. I feel as if I've been at one of the offices daily for a couple weeks, though I haven't quite. Anyhoo...making sure this author person is in the pink of health!

I'm also in the process of some home improvements. My new deck (and first) deck is being put in this week and the carpet in the "boys" bathroom is getting ripped out and replaced with tile later this month. And I need to ask... Who thought carpet in an entire bathroom was a good idea???

Beyond that, I've been busy writing. It feels as if it's been all male/male all the time at my house. It's just how the schedule fell. I'm finishing up the last one and I just completed edits on another. then I'm on to a glorious super menage! Hold your saddles! It's not Daly Way, but that one will be coming (cough cough) very soon!!

Mail-a-palooza update: mail will be going out this week. I need to get a few addresses first, so it's only one trip to the post office :-)

Have a great week!!


Jewel said...

I'm so disappointed I missed out on that Mail-a-palooza thing. But I'm taking comfort in ALL the books I already have written by you. LOL :D

BTW so glad you got yourself checked out. Us fans need you healthy. ;)

Molly Daniels said...

Yeah, at our 1st house, there was carpeting in the shower area. It was nice for a while, but later ripped it out and replaced with tile. Moisture was rotting the floor underneath!