Friday, June 3, 2011

Supernatural - Seas 1 vs Seas 6

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Yes, another Supernatural post. Hey, I need to do something to keep busy in off-season. I may even write some fan-fic this year. Perhaps something about season 6 never happening. But anyway... In an effort to do further analysis (and to procrastinate doing other things I really should be doing) I made another chart/list (click to enlarge).

To the naked eye, they look similar. Fans were promised more monsters and a year more like season one. True. There are almost the same number of monsters. What I found though in looking at this, is that I almost forgot many of the episodes because there was so much other stuff. They weren't focused on the monsters and hunting them.

In other seasons, if Lucy said: the one about Bloody Mary, I'd know exactly which one. Or if Summer said: the one about the Werewolf, I'd remember how I cried.

This year if you said, the one about the spiders, I'd be hard pressed to remember what you mean.


Bronwyn Green said...

They could have done so much more than they did. BTW, my fave mention on the season six column? "At least Sam's sideburns are gone" TESTIFY!

Mia Watts said...

OMG LOLZ! I can see a whole room full of men and women, sitting around a sterile conference table with Season 1 thru 6 listing all the monsters on the whiteboard. They look at it and think... Hm, what haven't we come up with yet? BED BUGS!! YES! ZOMBIE KILLER BED BEGS THAT UPCHUCK SIDEBURNS ON SAM'S FACE!

And then his sideburns will be back for three more seasons.

Supernatural writers, you can use my idea. You're welcome.

Robolobolyn's Universe of Books said...

Spiders? I can't even remember any spiders... Kind of sad. I feel the same way though, I remember every episode line by line from the earlier seasons, but with season 6 I just felt bored.