Wednesday, June 1, 2011

American Cheese

You want to know why the world doesn’t respect us? American cheese. Seriously, we’re dumb enough to not know that’s not real cheese. It’s not even remotely natural. Do not get me started on cheese loaf or cheese spread (also made by the same company that manufactures most American cheese, but I’m carefully not mentioning brand names).

I personally feel American cheese is vile. Agree or disagree if you will, but there you have it. Brynn’s opinion. Hey, it’s my blog. You can’t avoid it.

But here’s a cold cheesy fact:

American cheese and cockroaches will be the things to survive nuclear fallout. My anatomy teacher once had a slice of American cheese pinned to his bulletin board for an entire year. Nothing happened to it…and I have by good authority that it was more than a year old. Would it still be there, if I visited today?

It disturbs me that we’re allowing our kids to eat this stuff and think it’s real cheese. It’s not!!! Cheese is not spit out of a machine into thin, square-shaped molds.

Below is some REAL cheese:


Bronwyn Green said...

I have it on good authority that that same piece of cheese was still there in 2003.

I think there may definitely be a correlation between lack of respect and American cheese - or as we call it in our house - "plastic cheese".

Mia Watts said...

Thank God someone said it! I hate American cheese. I don't even like American versions of European cheeses because they don't taste the same. But what's worse is canned spray cheese. *shiver* My daughter likes that stuff, "but only on the second day, because it's not so airy then. Cheese shouldn't be airy." To which Bron said, "How about cheese shouldn't come from a can?"

Nasty. But an excellent post!