Friday, May 27, 2011

For Real???

My son and I had this giggle-worthy exchange last night...

A: Hey mom. Whatcha doin'? Are you going to sleep?
Me: No, I'm reading a book.
A comes closer and asks in shock: A paper book?!

Yes, a paper book. I actually buy quite a few eBooks from Harlequin but I still have a weakness for paper-bound Harlequin Presents. They're like like comfort food for my soul. While eBooks are storming the market (for which I'm thrilled), that moment, the bit of relaxation with paper in my hands, brought home that there will always be paper books, at least for a long time to come. Ereaders are awesome, but there are times that being able to hold a plain old-fashioned book just can't be beat.

Hey, I'm over at Writer's Evolution today discussing whether I'm in or out of the closet as a writer. Stop by!

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Bronwyn Green said...

LMAO!!! A *paper* book?!

That's awesome. :D