Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brynn Celebrates Her Anniversary

Or “Brynn proves she’s a wine lightweight”

Yeah…lightweight. This week was my nineteenth anniversary and my wonderful husband and I went out for a few hours to celebrate on Monday. When I say wonderful, I’m not being sarcastic. He really is (most days) and as I’ve mentioned, he’s definitely the more romantic of our pairing.

So Monday night rolled around and I got ready for out date—it was a great day. It was also when I managed to write 7000 words on my manuscript. It had rained for days but not Monday, so he mowed the lawn while I ran out to get food for the kids.

I love having teenagers—most of the time. Today was one of them. The man and I were able to go for our date without worry for babysitters or much carnage from unattended children. Once he was ready, off we went…

Olive Garden. It’s one of my favorite places. Our waiter was Tyler A. At least that was his name at the beginning of the evening. My husband was sure his name was Steve and I was sure it was Dylan. Okay, right, we suck. Anyway, he comes over with the red wine he’s trying to sell and asks if we’d like to try it. No, I tell him, but we’ll sample the Chateau Ste. Michelle Reisling.

I’d like to point out that a sample wasn’t really necessary. It’s my favorite wine. I KNOW what it tastes like. That’s beside the point.

Tyler liked us so we got half glass samples. And then my husband decided we’d order some. A whole bottle of some. Did you know that Olive Garden will put a lovely wine bucket on your table? It’s cool. And the waiter will also keep filling your glass.

It doesn’t take much for my inhibitions to wane. He asks as he opens the bottle “do we save corks?” And I replied. “I’m not sure if we do. I don’t. Do you?”

He didn’t get it. Anyway, we ordered. I got my favs: Chicken Marsala, Garlic mashed potatoes, bread sticks and zuppa tuscana. My husband ordered something he’d never tried because he’s more adventurous than I am. I like to stick with what I know.

Dinner was lovely. Lots of inconsequential talk. Discussion of the cruise we’d like to take next year. Tyler filling my wine glass.

I was done halfway through my dinner. And Tyler asked if we were full. I told him “we” were taking the rest home because “we” were having dessert.

I have priorities.

I had the black tie cake thingy. I don’t know the actual name but it was sooooooo good. My husband and I also finished the wine. Please note this was a prolonged dinner. We were taking our time. About then, my head was feeling kinda swimmy. Look, I got a drink at Logan’s the other day and could only do half before I handed it to my husband. Me and alcohol…not fast friends.

Soooooo, we chat, we talk, Tyler (an excellent waiter) put the bill way over on the other side of the table. Quite the stretch. My husband and I had had some discussion over Tyler’s name. It wasn’t that we weren’t looking. His name tag was dark green with black print. I know he was Tyler from the bill. At least he was when we got the bill. When I paid and wrote in the tip, I changed his name to TYLER A+.

He did a good job.

He told us when we were leaving to ask for him when we came back again. Miss Lack of Inhibition said, “We will. Is your name really Tyler A plus?”

Ooooooh… it goes on. Thankfully, my husband has a sense of humor. My skirt twisted all around me getting in the car. I wasn’t dexterous enough to fix it. When I came home, I tripped over my feet and fell on the couch. My husband, I would like to point out, did this on purpose. He thinks it’s funny when I get dumb.

I decided I wasn’t waiting for the kids to go to bed. After I got on my pajamas—inside out and almost caught in the ceiling fan—I fell into bed.

It was immediately evident that my nightgown didn’t fit. At least in my opinion. It was all twisty and stuff. I decided my husband was BRILLIANT because he suggested I just take it off. In hindsight, I think he was just tired.

I slept like a rock. And got up twenty minutes late.

And this my friends, this is why Brynn rarely drinks. However…guess what? I have a lovely bottle of the Chateau Ste Michelle on my shelf. On Friday, Bronwyn and I are going to get dumb during the Supernatural season finale. Bronwyn is a notable lightweight as well.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Molly Daniels said...


I love the Principessa wine:) And I wish they'd bring back the chocolage lasagna.

Simone Anderson said...

I'm glad you had a great time. Getting dumb during the season finale sounds reasonable. I love the Zuppa Tuscana.

Brynn Paulin said...

Molly: Mmmm Chocolate lasagna

Simone: I could use some Zuppa Tuscana today.

Bronwyn Green said...

I've only seen you "dumb" once or twice, but it kinda amused me, too. ;) (I know...I get the bad friend award.) :D

It sounds like a lovely dinner and I'm so glad you guys had a lovely anniversary. :)

YAY for Supernatural tonight! Lightweights unite!!!

anny cook said...

Ahhhh. I'm glad to know I'm not the only alcohol lightweight. Happy Anniversary. It sounds like a delightful evening. :-)