Saturday, September 25, 2010

What the Wind Blew In

It's been wicked windy here in Michigan. We were under a wind advisory for something like 36 hours. It was blowing like crazy and there were branches (and other things) all over the place. And what a radical weather change it was 82 yesterday morning. This morning...51. An amazing difference.

So, I like to say, the wind blew in my favorite TV shows last night. Admittedly, I barely watch TV at all. I take time to see two shows and that's it. This year, the TV networks have conspired to make my life easy. Thank you CBS and CW, lol. They put my two favs on the same nights, back to back. Awesome!

So...I started out with Medium. I missed most of last season because of a schedule conflict, but I have the DVDs on order. Still starting in this season wasn't a problem at all. I understood right where we were at. Patricia Arquette (Allison) and Maria Lark (Bridgette) did a great job with portraying each other's characters. They did a body switch in this opening episode, kinda like Freaky Friday. It was a good cringe-worthy Medium but fun too.

Then I switched over to Supernatural. Now the story arc they were on ended last season so I knew there would be changes. I've been trolling the news sites so I even knew what a lot of the changes would be. I was prepared. I was okay with what they said was coming. In fact, I've been excited.

I was disappointed. And now for the laundry list of dislikes... And if you don't watch Supernatural, you might was well end here. I'm gonna lose you.

Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki were cast in their roles for a reason. What I discovered is that Jenson (Dean) doesn't do sensitive guy as well as Sam -- this is as opposed to playing the broken hard ass which he does really well. That was little of my problem. MOSTLY, I was opposed to Jared's (Sam) portrayal. He doesn't do emotionless hard ass well. At all. It made him flat and it was as if Sam phoned in his performance. I know they're going for the whole role-reversal thing, and I thought I'd like it, but it's just not working.

I did not like the intro of the the Campbells and please God please let them be temporary. This episode felt a lot less like a great premiere and more like a professor's syllabus of 'here's all the crap you need to know this year'.

I also didn't like how the brothers weren't acting like they'd totally take a bullet for each other like they always used to. Their devotion was always one of the best parts of the show.

But I did like the yorkie in the shed. Made me laugh and think of the yellow fever episode when Dean was running terrified from the little yorkie. Looked like the same dog... And yellow fever... yellow eyed demon showing up... Hmm... I think perhaps it was an intentional gift to fans.


Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Too Sexy for My Wings

Good morning!!! I got a new cover for my upcoming release, Fallen. What do you think?

Monday, September 20, 2010


I just got back from Authors After Dark. It was a great time!!! I love spending time with my best friends. I talk to them just about every day, but seeing them is so much better. I have to say, Stella Price did an awesome job coordinating the conference. With all the snafus that were out of her hands, she still managed to keep things on track and moving along as they needed to.

I was so excited to meet one of my friends, Kris Norris, in person -- finally. She is absolutely fantastic. Just an all around superb person. I hope I get to see her again soon even though she comes to conferences all the way from Canada. Of course I got to see Carol Lynne, Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts and Jennifer Armintrout too!!!

Bronwyn, Mia, Kris and I went in to NYC one of the days and had quite the adventure. We started at the bus station, went to Times Square, then had lunch at the Jekyll and Hyde Club (which is one of my favorite places). We took the long carriage ride through Central Park - after dickering with the bike tour guys and deciding to go with the much nicer and reasonable horse and carriage.

Afteward, due to a bit of a misdirection problem, we took a loooooooooong subway ride, then finally went to ground zero. I've been there before and it made a huge impression. This time it just looked like a construction site. Then we were off to the walk through Battery Park. The battered globe that was once between the Twin Towers made a bigger impression.

Then it was off to the Staton Island Ferry and a view of the Statue of Liberty. This was where we met a hysterical guy named Jose who entertained us the whole way. He told us about the ferry crashing into the pier twice in the last year and promised to save us. Kris announced she would kayak on him and we discovered Mia has a toe fetish (sorry Mia. I promised I was not letting it go) and I decided I'd just swim for it.

Another, much shorter subway ride followed then we took the bus back to our hotel. We were exhausted and had dinner at one of the restaurants by the hotel. Bronwyn fell asleep at the table while we waited for our bill. I was ready to join her.

The next day was the official start of the conference. I meet so fantastic people there. Someone I will now list as a good friend and I was thrilled to meet was Sonya Bateman. She's a sweetheart and it was fun having her hang out with us. I haven't read any of her books yet, but I hear they're awesome. I'm going to download one today for my ereader.

All in all, it was a fun time and I know I'll have more to share, but there's the overview. And I have to say:

1. My husband told everyone the past five days how grateful he was for me and that he had no idea how much I do every day.

2. I almost cried when I saw my husband and kids coming up the concourse to greet me yesterday. Despite the fun, I was so thankful to be home. Gotta say, I love those boys.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Not A Lot to Say

It was an eventful weekend. Busy, fun, entertaining but, today, I'm exhausted. I feel like a nap but I'm having lunch with my husband and his friend. No time. And with the dryer situation, I'm off to the laundromat again today. Ah, the mundane...

In the non-mundane realm...bad news/good news. Yuletide Greetings has been moved. It will release Dec. 8. up, for all you Dragon lovers, Blood of the Wolf, book three in the Cruentus Dragon series. To clarify, there is no wolf in this story. Wolf refers to Lucan the hero, who's also a bit of a lone wolf. I'm definitely excited for that book to appear. I hope my fellow Dragon lovers will enjoy it. Shortly, after you'll see the third Taboo Wishes book, Mr. Smith's Whip.

Well, back to work with me...and maybe to find some coffee.

Oh and go Jimmie Johnson! Congrats on the 3rd place in Richmond and being #2 in the Chase. Best of luck! My fingers are crossed!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy Day

Well, up at the crack of dawn...

I'm posting a quick blog before I'm off to downtown for the annual Scout Salute with my Boy Scout troop. I'm tired enough that this morning I contemplated for a moment the irony that it always falls on my birthday so I always have to be up ungodly early. irony. 9/11 doesn't move every year. Derr... Yes, tired.

We have a low-key but fun day planned. Movie (Salt), dinner, hot tub. I'm looking forward to it, but I may try to fit in a nap somewhere in there :-)

This is where I'm going:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Squee and Not To Squee

First off, I want to say thanks to “D” (you know who you are) who sent me the best letter yesterday. I really appreciated what she had to say. Thank you “D”.

Okay…so, yesterday was a crazy day. My dryer is freakin’ broken. I had to go to the dreaded Laundromat! Actually, it wasn’t so bad. I used the time to do some studying. Yep, I still study. It was nice to have some downtime away from the computer.

One thing I’m studying is Dragons—specifically, my Dragons. I loaded my Cruentus Dragon books on my eReader to reread them as I settle in to work on book three in the series. I’m excited about book three. It’s my favorite theme: a reunion story. Lucan, the hero, has been separated from the heroine since he shifted into Dragon form the first time. Before that, he thought he was human. The heroine thought he was dead, and as you can imagine, she’s not pleased with him. How would you react if the lover you thought was dead suddenly returned? Stay tuned for our heroine’s reaction.

Speaking of heroines, I had a seriously girly moment yesterday—okay, I needed a segue way and this has nothing to do with heroines. Anyway. Seriously girly moment. I think Bronwyn can testify that I actually squeeeeeed at her on voice mail. I found the most perfect shoes in the whole world. This is serious business. I have big feet, not dainty cute feet like my relatives who get to wear equally cute shoes. No. Large, clunky feet. Let me tell you, finding shoes I like and that are also comfortable is nigh unto impossible. It was definitely a squee-worthy moment.

Another one of those might be cool today. Oh! Speaking of being cool...I'm over on Writer's Evolution today. Come over and say hi!

Early Morning Coffee

You know, one of the things I miss during the summer is early mornings. Don't get me wrong, I think 6 AM is an ungodly hour, but somehow, when I do have to be up, I enjoy the quiet time with my cup of coffee while the kids get ready for school. Of course, that's after 'omg, omg, GOD! I have to get up? WHY????' -- that would be me, not the kids. Once I'm up though and the first one's in the shower, peace...

Believe it or not, most days, it's pretty peaceful around here in the AM. The kids have their routines; I drink my coffee and make breakfast. This morning, I enjoyed the scent of cinnamon rolls while I was able to gather my thoughts. Don't be too impressed. It was Grands.

So this morning, my considerations turned to my writing release schedule and workload. I'm seriously considering halving the number of books I have scheduled for the coming year. I want to be able to spend more time on each project. I won't lie. This comes after two Amazon reviews that in my opinion poorly judged two of my books. They weren't 'awful reviews', in fact, I got four stars on both of them, but they're bothering me. For someone who usually has steel skin, they're really bothering me. Bad.

On the matter, I'll suspend judgment for another week or so. Perhaps I'll feel differently after the Authors After Dark conference.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Head Space

The kids went back to school yesterday. The "baby" started high school while my oldest started his junior year. I feel old!!!! Oh well, I did have kids as a young twenty-something. This was the plan :-) back in school...I am so thankful. I love having them around, but my productivity is slashed during summer break. I can't think when subconsciously I'm constantly expecting an interruption. I get no head space--no time to really think. Yesterday was a day of running so I had no time to enjoy the "aloneness" but today... It's only been two hours and I've gotten so much done! That's probably a good thing since my to-do list is monumental, lol!

I'm hard at work on my next project. I need to get it to my editor asap. Hopefully, now that I can think, it will roll along smoothly. I'm enjoying the book, but I can't wait for it to be done. Next up: DRAGONS!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I have a new book!!

My new story is out today at Total-e-bound as part of the Threefold Anthology! It's called Strangers in the Night and is part of my new series, Behind Sin's Door. And take a look who's in the antho with me! I can't think of a better line up. I'm thrilled to be with them.

Here's the blurb:

The bar, Sin’s Door, has a reputation and McKenzie Stewart knows all about it.

She’s been warned it’s nothing but a meat market, but meeting someone is exactly what she has in mind when she goes there one hot, September night.

Little does she realize that she’ll meet not one but two men and experience pleasure that keeps her coming back for more.


McKenzie Stewart knew what lay just inside Sin’s Door. Sex. Lots of it. Anonymous and hopefully hot.

Nervously, she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. Could she do this? It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing a quiet nanny usually did. Okay, it was the kind of thing a nanny never did. But at the moment, she wasn’t one. She had no charges and none lined up for a few months until the Andersons returned home from their trip abroad to Europe. They hadn’t wanted a nanny with them, and McKenzie was quite sure Mrs. Anderson didn’t want her around at all, but her husband insisted. To give the kids a sense of stability, you know? he’d told his wife, and somehow, she’d acted as if it was okay that he’d felt up the help.

McKenzie wasn’t all right with it, but at the moment, jobs weren’t exactly falling from trees. Neither were men—not that she was at all interested in Mr. Anderson. She just wanted a sexy as hell guy to keep her warm. Barring that, a normal guy would be okay.

So here she stood, staring at the green and blue neon lights of Sin’s Door. Normal did not reside beyond that portal to debauchery.

Butterflies bombarded her insides as she ran a trembling hand over her short, red plaid skirt. She’d dressed sweet, innocent, and subtly naughty tonight—not that the hint of school girl in her dress was subtle, but so be it. At twenty-five, with fewer curves that your average high school cheerleader, she could still get away with that.

She took a deep breath and pushed back her thick fall of dark brown hair. It brushed her lower back as she stepped towards the point of no return. And it was that point. She was not chickening out. Once she got through those doors, she was picking a guy and making a move and getting her brains fucked out. And tomorrow, maybe she’d do it again.

McKenzie was tired of being nursemaid to the rich and mistress to none. Her schedule left her zero time for men, and now at loose ends, she had no one to be with. And she wanted sex. Lord, how she wanted sex. Perhaps Mr. Anderson had sensed that, and that’s why he’d tried to feel her up just before his family’s trip. Or perhaps he was just a pervert. She wasn’t taking the blame for his actions.

So no man, no time—and usually no time for a man. It all brought her here, looking for anonymous sex. That would be far better than finding some poor guy who might want a relationship. Her job just didn’t allow for one. Not much. What guy would be happy with Saturdays after the kids’ bedtimes until Monday morning at six a.m.?

Yes, this was better.

Resolved as she made it across the street, she tamped down any remaining nerves. Her panties grew damp with anticipation with every step she took—and she hadn’t even set eyes on the man.

Music blared from the bar, flooding the sidewalk and street with sound as she approached. Would she even hear a pickup line if someone tried to toss one out? She’d have to rely on body language, she supposed. Just fine. If she could hear the guy, there was more of a chance that he’d tell her his name. She really didn’t want that.

She shivered at a fantasy of what she did want, a fantasy that had haunted her the last few weeks as she’d spent nearly every night with her vibrator. Her pulse raced at the thought. Her on the bar, being passed around to man after man. Fucking a parade of them as everyone watched. Loving every second of it.

Never going to happen.

She pulled open the heavy wood door to Sin’s Door, anticipation prickling her skin.

Inside was nearly as dark as outside, with crazy beams of green and blue lights slowly moving over the crowd. The interior as warm as late June, and just about as steamy. To bring out the body heat and natural musk in people, she decided as a light perspiration started to coat her skin. It wasn’t warm enough for her to really sweat—gross—and definitely more comfortable than actual summer heat. It was more like the heady warmth that took a body after particularly fantastic sex.

Sex… Where to find it? Tiny white lights lined the walkways on the floor, cordoning off the bar from the aisle and the aisle from the table area and the dance floor from it all. McKenzie had no idea where to start. Feeling a bit like a deer caught in headlights, she glanced around until she was bumped from behind by a couple entering the bar.

The man’s hand slid down McKenzie’s back to her ass and right on up under her skirt where he cupped a cheek bared by her thong.

“New?” he whispered, and his woman leaned into McKenzie’s other side and stroked her palm up McKenzie’s torso to cup her breast. The woman’s thumb flicked over the peak while McKenzie mutely nodded her response to the man’s question. His thumb traced the crease of McKenzie’s ass.

The woman’s warm, minty breath puffed against McKenzie’s ear, “Try the bar, darling. Get a drink and look available, not terrified.”

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yuletide Greetings!!!!

Yes I know it's a little early, but I want to share my cover!! Coming this month: Yuletide Greetings from Resplendence Publishing!