Saturday, September 25, 2010

What the Wind Blew In

It's been wicked windy here in Michigan. We were under a wind advisory for something like 36 hours. It was blowing like crazy and there were branches (and other things) all over the place. And what a radical weather change it was 82 yesterday morning. This morning...51. An amazing difference.

So, I like to say, the wind blew in my favorite TV shows last night. Admittedly, I barely watch TV at all. I take time to see two shows and that's it. This year, the TV networks have conspired to make my life easy. Thank you CBS and CW, lol. They put my two favs on the same nights, back to back. Awesome!

So...I started out with Medium. I missed most of last season because of a schedule conflict, but I have the DVDs on order. Still starting in this season wasn't a problem at all. I understood right where we were at. Patricia Arquette (Allison) and Maria Lark (Bridgette) did a great job with portraying each other's characters. They did a body switch in this opening episode, kinda like Freaky Friday. It was a good cringe-worthy Medium but fun too.

Then I switched over to Supernatural. Now the story arc they were on ended last season so I knew there would be changes. I've been trolling the news sites so I even knew what a lot of the changes would be. I was prepared. I was okay with what they said was coming. In fact, I've been excited.

I was disappointed. And now for the laundry list of dislikes... And if you don't watch Supernatural, you might was well end here. I'm gonna lose you.

Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki were cast in their roles for a reason. What I discovered is that Jenson (Dean) doesn't do sensitive guy as well as Sam -- this is as opposed to playing the broken hard ass which he does really well. That was little of my problem. MOSTLY, I was opposed to Jared's (Sam) portrayal. He doesn't do emotionless hard ass well. At all. It made him flat and it was as if Sam phoned in his performance. I know they're going for the whole role-reversal thing, and I thought I'd like it, but it's just not working.

I did not like the intro of the the Campbells and please God please let them be temporary. This episode felt a lot less like a great premiere and more like a professor's syllabus of 'here's all the crap you need to know this year'.

I also didn't like how the brothers weren't acting like they'd totally take a bullet for each other like they always used to. Their devotion was always one of the best parts of the show.

But I did like the yorkie in the shed. Made me laugh and think of the yellow fever episode when Dean was running terrified from the little yorkie. Looked like the same dog... And yellow fever... yellow eyed demon showing up... Hmm... I think perhaps it was an intentional gift to fans.



Jennifer Armintrout said...

From what I've been hearing a lot of people are disappointed in the supernatural premiere.

I can only watch one series at a time, it seems, so I picked Boardwalk Empire.

Mia Watts said...

Aw sorry hon. I don't watch Supernatural but I know how you look forward to it. Grr CW.

Bronwyn Green said...

Yeah...Sam trying to be Dean Jr. didn't really work. However, I do LOVE the description "broken hard ass". You should like be a writer or something. ;)