Monday, September 6, 2010

I have a new book!!

My new story is out today at Total-e-bound as part of the Threefold Anthology! It's called Strangers in the Night and is part of my new series, Behind Sin's Door. And take a look who's in the antho with me! I can't think of a better line up. I'm thrilled to be with them.

Here's the blurb:

The bar, Sin’s Door, has a reputation and McKenzie Stewart knows all about it.

She’s been warned it’s nothing but a meat market, but meeting someone is exactly what she has in mind when she goes there one hot, September night.

Little does she realize that she’ll meet not one but two men and experience pleasure that keeps her coming back for more.


McKenzie Stewart knew what lay just inside Sin’s Door. Sex. Lots of it. Anonymous and hopefully hot.

Nervously, she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. Could she do this? It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing a quiet nanny usually did. Okay, it was the kind of thing a nanny never did. But at the moment, she wasn’t one. She had no charges and none lined up for a few months until the Andersons returned home from their trip abroad to Europe. They hadn’t wanted a nanny with them, and McKenzie was quite sure Mrs. Anderson didn’t want her around at all, but her husband insisted. To give the kids a sense of stability, you know? he’d told his wife, and somehow, she’d acted as if it was okay that he’d felt up the help.

McKenzie wasn’t all right with it, but at the moment, jobs weren’t exactly falling from trees. Neither were men—not that she was at all interested in Mr. Anderson. She just wanted a sexy as hell guy to keep her warm. Barring that, a normal guy would be okay.

So here she stood, staring at the green and blue neon lights of Sin’s Door. Normal did not reside beyond that portal to debauchery.

Butterflies bombarded her insides as she ran a trembling hand over her short, red plaid skirt. She’d dressed sweet, innocent, and subtly naughty tonight—not that the hint of school girl in her dress was subtle, but so be it. At twenty-five, with fewer curves that your average high school cheerleader, she could still get away with that.

She took a deep breath and pushed back her thick fall of dark brown hair. It brushed her lower back as she stepped towards the point of no return. And it was that point. She was not chickening out. Once she got through those doors, she was picking a guy and making a move and getting her brains fucked out. And tomorrow, maybe she’d do it again.

McKenzie was tired of being nursemaid to the rich and mistress to none. Her schedule left her zero time for men, and now at loose ends, she had no one to be with. And she wanted sex. Lord, how she wanted sex. Perhaps Mr. Anderson had sensed that, and that’s why he’d tried to feel her up just before his family’s trip. Or perhaps he was just a pervert. She wasn’t taking the blame for his actions.

So no man, no time—and usually no time for a man. It all brought her here, looking for anonymous sex. That would be far better than finding some poor guy who might want a relationship. Her job just didn’t allow for one. Not much. What guy would be happy with Saturdays after the kids’ bedtimes until Monday morning at six a.m.?

Yes, this was better.

Resolved as she made it across the street, she tamped down any remaining nerves. Her panties grew damp with anticipation with every step she took—and she hadn’t even set eyes on the man.

Music blared from the bar, flooding the sidewalk and street with sound as she approached. Would she even hear a pickup line if someone tried to toss one out? She’d have to rely on body language, she supposed. Just fine. If she could hear the guy, there was more of a chance that he’d tell her his name. She really didn’t want that.

She shivered at a fantasy of what she did want, a fantasy that had haunted her the last few weeks as she’d spent nearly every night with her vibrator. Her pulse raced at the thought. Her on the bar, being passed around to man after man. Fucking a parade of them as everyone watched. Loving every second of it.

Never going to happen.

She pulled open the heavy wood door to Sin’s Door, anticipation prickling her skin.

Inside was nearly as dark as outside, with crazy beams of green and blue lights slowly moving over the crowd. The interior as warm as late June, and just about as steamy. To bring out the body heat and natural musk in people, she decided as a light perspiration started to coat her skin. It wasn’t warm enough for her to really sweat—gross—and definitely more comfortable than actual summer heat. It was more like the heady warmth that took a body after particularly fantastic sex.

Sex… Where to find it? Tiny white lights lined the walkways on the floor, cordoning off the bar from the aisle and the aisle from the table area and the dance floor from it all. McKenzie had no idea where to start. Feeling a bit like a deer caught in headlights, she glanced around until she was bumped from behind by a couple entering the bar.

The man’s hand slid down McKenzie’s back to her ass and right on up under her skirt where he cupped a cheek bared by her thong.

“New?” he whispered, and his woman leaned into McKenzie’s other side and stroked her palm up McKenzie’s torso to cup her breast. The woman’s thumb flicked over the peak while McKenzie mutely nodded her response to the man’s question. His thumb traced the crease of McKenzie’s ass.

The woman’s warm, minty breath puffed against McKenzie’s ear, “Try the bar, darling. Get a drink and look available, not terrified.”


Kris Norris said...

Hey Girl,

Happy Release Day... and I'm the one thrilled to be in with talent like yourself... wow, I'm soooo lucky.

What a great story. Strangers in the Night is gonna knock their socks off.


Molly Daniels said...

Happy Release Day! You're in good company:)

(hahahaha...wv is 'coerse'! Nothing 'coersed' about this comment!)

Bronwyn Green said...

OMG - Strangers in the Night is FANTASTIC!!!!! Congrats on another amazing read!!!!