Friday, August 20, 2010

The Chuck List

First off, let me congratulate Dakota Rebel on the arrival of Rebel 2.0. I'm so happy for you!! During the gestation and anticipation of the arrival of version 2.0, I must inform all of you that there was a long, inventive but largely unsuccessful campaign by my husband to get Mr. and Mrs. Rebel to name their bundle of joy Chuck. They were having none of it.

A mistake, surely. An oversight. Chuck is a strong solid name. And here fifty of the very famous and wonderful Chucks:

  1. Chuck Wepner – inspiration for the Rocky movies
  2. Chuck Norris
  3. Chuck Berry – My Ding-a-ling. Very ding-a-ling-centric. Important for a boy.
  4. Chuck Jones – Daffy Duck creator
  5. Chuck Yeager – General and famous pilot
  6. Chuck (aka “Chuckie”) – determined and could wield a knife
  7. Chuck Brown – Snappy dresser. Can rock the bald.
  8. Chuck the groundhog – Staten Island’s Buckeye Chuck. Only slightly less famous than Pete
  9. Chuck Taylor – All-star
  10. Ground Chuck – feeding many
  11. Wood Chuck – Would if he could. Very dependable. Tries hard.
  12. Chuck Norris
  13. Chucks – Cool footwear for sexy yuppies
  14. Chuck the Prophet – Supernatural dude. Awesome.
  15. Chuck the Vampire – little know Twilight vampire. Was up for Edwards spot but doesn’t sparkle quite as sissily.
  16. Chuck Liddel – Martial artist, UFC Champ
  17. Chuck (of Charlie’s Angels) – Please, he had women at his beck and call, willing to run into danger for him.
  18. Chuck Chan – Ancient Chinese secret of famous detectives
  19. Chuck means “Man”
  20. Chuck Stapel – famous chef with famous premium knives
  21. Chuck-e-cheese – second most famous mouse in the world!!!
  22. Chuck Norris
  23. Chuck – the TV series
  24. Chuck Bukowski – Awesome poet
  25. Chucklemayne – Also known as Chuck the Great, one of the first rulers of England
  26. Prince Chuck – we try to forget about him, but he is famous. Likes horses.
  27. Good Luck Chuck – awesome movie
  28. Chuck Darwin – renowned scientific theorist
  29. Chuck Heston – Best Moses besides the real one
  30. Chuck-ston Chews – Good chewy candy bars in three flavors
  31. Chuck-les – also good candy
  32. Chuck Norris
  33. Chuck Bronson – Tough guy actor (Dirty Dozen, Magnificent Seven, Deathwish)
  34. Chuck Sheen – Without him the show would be 1 ½ Men. Not very snappy.
  35. Chuck Nelson Reilly – Famous comedian/actor. Awesome on Matchgame, too.
  36. Chuck Braxton – Power lifter, another tough guy, in Guiness Book of World Records. Hey you can’t argue with anything Guinness!
  37. Chuck Schumer – Famous Sandwich maker
  38. Chuck Smith – Chuck pairs well with the ordinary.
  39. Chuck Green – Famous tap dancer. He’s got rhythm.
  40. Chuck wagon – feeds people; feeds dogs.
  41. Chuck roast – makes the best sloppy joes.
  42. Chuck Norris
  43. Chuck Chaplin – snappy hat, nice ‘stache, and a cool cane.
  44. Chuck Dickens – A Tale of What? Two Cities. Into ghost stories too.
  45. Chuck Daniels – Singer. Got the devil to come visit Georgia.
  46. Chuck Barclay – Famous basketball player
  47. Chuck – the ventriloquist dummy on Soap
  48. Chuck Bucket – owns a whole chocolate factory. Knows how to come out on top!
  49. Chuck the Unicorn – The only one who knows the way to Candy Mountain.
  50. And last but not least… Smokey the Bear. His real name is Chuck.

Okay, so a few might be inventions. Or they might not be...
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Bronwyn Green said...

Of all the Chucks listed, Chuck the Prophet is my fave. :D Loooove him.

Jennifer Armintrout said...

Chuck Yeager was a recipient of the McKay trophy for being the first pilot to break the sound barrier.

Brynn Paulin said...

See what I'm saying?

Dakota Rebel said...

True, we did not name the baby Chuck. But I did keep the fine list he made for me and will include it in the baby's scrapbook so he can see how hard your hubby campaigned for it.

Chuck the Unicorn was my fav on the list.