Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dad Life

I promised dads equal time:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Author After Dark Convention!!!

Authors After Dark Is coming sooner then you think! Are you a blogger? or an aspiring author? a Reader with a voracious love of books? Well AAD is the con for you! Designed by authors FOR readers, AAD is the only con that doesn't break your bank! Its the cheapest con around that FEEDS YOU 5 MEALS for no additional fee! And did we mention its FREE ALCOHOL all weekend!? That's right!

Attendees this year will be treated to over 2400 free books, over 125 door prizes, several parties, mini events, workshops, tons of swag (and the good kind too!) photo opps, and tons of surprises!

And Aspiring writers? Small press authors? How would YOU like to get in front of a NY editor without the hassle of a big con's appointment schedule? This year are are lucky to have several editors from Ballantine, Kensington, and Harlequin, as well as some of the small presses like MLR Press, Torquere, Tease Publishing, Phaze, Total E Bound and More. a Full list will be up on the AAD site soon and appointments will be taken starting August 15th! The Catch? You MUST be registered by August 1st to participate, and each editor is ONLY taking 10 appointments! Be remembered! get your MS into shape!

And Bloggers? We have some fantastic goodies for you. Special goodie bags FILLED with books (ARC's, signed copies and Ltd Edition US books!) as well as the ability to engage your favorite authors for interviews and Q and A!

Check out everything on our website ( and we hope to see you with us this year. You are in for a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team Jasper! Rawr!!!

Good morning!!! Like all good Twilighters, I went to see the new movie, Eclipse, last night. I was hopeful, but wondered how this installment’s adaptation would go. In my opinion, this was the best of the three movies. It had an emotional depth that far exceeded the other three, and though I’ve always been an Edward fan, it was nice to see Edward not looking like he was on the verge of tears or in great pain all the time. Very, very nice. The scenes with Edward and Jacob were great -- and one in particular “made” the movie. (I don't want to spoil anything by saying which one)

So… Many people in reading my Wednesday Wonder Writer interviews, have asked “Team what?” They don’t understand the question. Let me explain for the un-Twilighted. It is common for Twilighters to be either Team Jacob (the wolf shifter) or Team Edward (the vampire). My husband has always said, he's team Alice, lol. I’ve always been strictly team Edward though Jake is so hot and definitely an alpha wolf type. But I have to admit, I have always, always loved Jasper. (Funny note, just before the movie started last night, one of the teen boys sitting behind me yelled "Team Jacob". Cracked me up.)

I’m forming Team Jasper, lol. Jasper is another of the vampires (Edward’s “brother”) and in Eclipse, he was finally given legs (that’s a metaphor for those who don’t know the books and movies – he’s always had physical legs). The Jasper in this movie was great and I have newfound respect for Jackson Rathbone. I’ll be watching his scenes avidly when I get the DVD. Fan? Me? No…

And the bad guy, who I didn't find so bad... (I won’t spoil with why) At the risk of sounding like a total, hormonal fan girl, Riley is hot. Seriously, hot. His mouth made his scenes. Okay, the guy’s not a bad actor. I’ll give him credit. In fact, I thought he did a great job. I was a little distracted though. I was picturing an upcoming hero in my books looking like him.

A bunch of the one-liners had me snorting. One of my favorites, from Edward about Jacob: Does he even own a shirt?


And Jacob (later in the movie): We all know I'm hotter than you.

Double meaning? ;-)

Overall, in case you can’t tell, I was very pleased with the movie. In fact, though I rarely see a movie more than once in the theatre, I’ll probably go see it again.