Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's This? A Post About Me?

I've had a lot of wonder writer posts and feature book posts lately, but few posts related to me, so here we are. What's up Brynn?

Well, a lot. Yesterday was my oldest son's sixteenth birthday!! I can't believe he's already legal driving age. Truthfully, I've been dreading it for years -- about sixteen. I've received a tiny reprieve however. He doesn't want to drive yet. He doesn't even want to take driver's ed. Works for me. He had a really nice birthday though. We made sure sixteen would be one to remember.

It will also be a day I remember. I made a trip out of town for the morning, in the midst of a crashing storm that had people driving 35-45 on the highway. Ugly!!! Afterward, I raced back to town so I could get some quick maintenance work done on the car.

Quick. Yeah, right. Stop one... An oil change. I discovered that my new-to-me vehicle, hasn't had the oil changed in an eon apparently. It looked ugly. I also discovered that my coolant needs to be flushed every thirty thousand miles. It hasn't been. And my transmission needs to be flushed every fifteen thousand miles. It hadn't been. It will be now. Lucky for me, things are still looking very good in the radiator and transmission...

Next stop, a quick recharge of the air conditioner. Nope. It didn't need recharging. After about an hour and a half, they found that a fuse was blown (they figured that out fast, but they couldn't find the fuse because it's in a wonky spot, not with the other fuses).

So then I was off to the tire place. We had discovered that one of the axle boots was leaking. I don't know the techy terms for it, but it was "slinging grease" while we were driving. After about an hour, they let me know that it wasn't one, but two that were like that, and it would be double the price.

I finally left there after three hours. It was hot and humid and I was sweaty... I turned on the air. No air. Apparently, something else is wrong that's causing the fuse to pop. Pretty much at that point, after spending over $800, I was ready to cry. I took my sticky self home with the intention of taking a shower.

Nope. My husband was borrowing my mom's car so I could get the repairs done. She was ready for me to pick her up. Off I went again. I did finally get a shower after that then we went to celebrate my son's birthday. It was a good time with lots of laughter. I was exhausted when I got home though. For the first time in years, I went to bed at 9:20.

The car is back at the shop today and I'm hopeful that the bill won't be huge!!

In other, better news, Kidnap and Kink came out last week. It's book two in the Taboo Wishes series. If you liked Punished, you'll probably enjoy this one. I had several people tell me after Punished that they wanted to see Rob's story. This is it.

In other news, I'm working with an agent on a few books so hopefully, you'll be able to find a couple of my works in the traditional print market soon -- though soon is a lot longer in print than it is in eBook, LOL.

Oh!!! And I got a Sony eReader. I love it!!! I love it so much, I ended up getting my husband one as well. He's a big reader too so it's a good investment for him. Brynn Paulin: Converting the world to eBooks, one person at a time! LOL! Last night, he was reading Punished. I loved when parts amused him enough to read them aloud to me. I never let him read the books until after they're published. Personal preference.

I've read a bunch of Lori Foster books over the last month. Now, I'm reading Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy. It's really good. I love the hero in the book. He's awesome!

Mmm... Now here's one. We just finished Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern. It's a humor book, based on quotes from his dad. He wrote the book after literary agents came across the quotes on his Twitter by the same name. It's a hysterical book. Even better, it's going to be a TV show in the fall (Thursdays CBS). William Shatner will star as the dad. Fabulous.

Otherwise, I guess there's just been a lot of work work work. The EDJ has been out of control. And I'm hard at work writing a few upcoming books. News soon!

Have a fun, good-car-karma day!


Anonymous said...

The Sony e-reader is wonderful. I've had one for a year and I love it!

When is Blood of the Wolf coming out? It's a great series.

Lisa J

Brynn Paulin said...

Hi Lisa! It comes out October 20 as part of RP's paranormal month.

Molly Daniels said...

I LOVE my Sony Pocket:) You and I, converting one person at a time, hee hee:)

Bronwyn Green said...

What an awful, awful day! I hope today is WAY better!

I really need to read that Sh*t My Dad Says book. It sounds hilarious and the fact that William Shatner is starring as the dad in the show means that I'll likely be watching it, along with my hubby. :)

Brynn Paulin said...

Molly - That's what I have. It's the perfect size!

Bron - yeah...pretty darn awful. And, yeah, really really looking forward to the TV show. I don't watch TV much, but I'll watch for that. Scheduling it for Thursday is good 'cause CW moved the supernatural boys to Friday (tears!!!)

Genella deGrey said...

I love my Sony reader, too. It's so great to travel with! 250 books at me fingertips? Hells yeah! :)

Hang in there, Brynn - the weekend is upon us!


anny cook said...

Thanks for the update! Car=:-( Reader=:-)