Saturday, April 17, 2010


Okay, other than supporting gay rights and random community service, I’m not a huge activist. Don’t take this as a Let’s Go Green and Save the Planet post. I’m a strong believer in doing your part, but I’m an equally strong believer in the earth going through cycles and the fact that a lot of what’s happening right now is just part of the cycle—not a greenhouse effect.

Anyway, enough about that. Here’s the thing. Today, I spent the morning doing road cleanup with my church. We take care of a one mile stretch that runs in front of our church. It’s a twice a year commitment, plus big stuff if we see it. At first glance, it looks pretty clean. Today, we split into groups, one going north and one south to clean up the road. It’s always astounding. Over fifteen bags of garbage. FIFTEEN!!! Good grief.

How does there get to be that much trash. I thought with education and awareness—and tough littering laws—that people had stopped throwing stuff from their car windows. Some things get lost by accident—gloves, a piece of paper that blew out the window, something left on top of the car—but not all this stuff.

It’s always eye-opening and amazing to see just how much stuff people just toss out as they’re driving down the road. Makes you just want to yell STOP!!!


Bronwyn Green said...

First off, good for you and your church!!! I think it's wonderful that you guys do that.

Secondly, how freaking hard is it to take something out of your car and put it in an actual trash can? There's no reason to throw crap out alongside the road. People piss me off.

One of my car pool kids thought it would be funny to threaten to throw my empty water bottle out the window as we were driving home one day. My son said, "Dude don't do it. You're only gonna piss her off, and then she's going to stop the car and make you pick it up."

Of course, the kid in question had to test me. He quickly figured out that we weren't going anywhere until he did it. Guess who traipsed alongside the road until he found the bottle? Guess who hasn't done it since?

Ashley Ladd said...

I don't get litter bugs. What a shame.

Good for you and your church for cleaning it up, though.

My MMF will be up in a couple minutes.