Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Cover...and stuff

I'm am so thrilled to have gotten two awesome covers this week. One is still a draft, but I can share the other. This one is for Forgotten Family due out on May 24th. It's the next book in the Circle of Three series. If you've never read or heard of Circle of Three, it's a series set in Cranston Michigan where all the love unions are menage. Each book can totally stand alone.

Here's what this book is about:

They’d found happily ever after—then one of them forgot.

Years ago, Marina Cranston and her lovers Kyle Gerber and Marcus Byrnam founded the community of Cranston as a youthful flight of fancy. Young and idealistic, they wanted to have a place to share their love and reside with people who understood and lived the same lifestyle. Bliss was theirs with troubles staying outside Cranston’s gates. Until now…

When tragedy strikes, they struggle to recover, but when Marina is in a car accident, she forgets Kyle, Marcus and everything else that made up her life, including her belief in menage. Now the trio must fight for a future. If they fail, the very bedrock of Cranston will be fractured, but the damage to their hearts will be even greater.

An excerpt for this book can be found to the right on my work in progress page.

And the other stuff. My favorite movie of all times has been usurped. It used to be an Officer and a Gentleman. So as you can guess, it's held the top spot for a long time. Until last week. That's when I watched The Blind Side. Talk about a movie capturing you. And Sandra Bullock definitely deserved that Oscar. She was perfect.

The change in favs kinda goes along with the song I posted a few weeks ago, Proud - What have you done today to make you feel proud? I ask myself that every day. Have I done something good? Worthwhile? Memorable? If I haven't, I definitely resolve to make a difference in my path for the next day. We're all here for a purpose, and I'll not watch not pass me by.

I'm not going to go all deep and philosophical. Just revealing a piece of me. So anyway. New favorite movie. It's awesome.

Back to covers... My other new cover is awesome too. I can't wait to share it with you. It's for the first book in my new series, Daly Way.



Molly Daniels said...

Cover is FANTASTIC! And so is the premise:)

Geez...I just moved two or three of your books from the TBB list to the 'Buy Next' list and discover you're releasing faster than I'm buying!! (Just know I'm honored to be your friend and fan!)

Devon Rhodes said...

Can't wait to see the other one, this one is fab! I'm stalking cover art, so I'm jealous! :)