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Monday Minute Fiction - Ex Sex

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Ex Sex

(this work belongs to Brynn Paulin and cannot be duplicated without permission)

“You have got to be kidding me?” Kim stopped short as she entered the nearly deserted laundry mat to find her ex, Ted, leaning against the dryers clad in his boxer briefs and a pair of work boots. In the past, seeing this outfit would have turned her on. Now? Well, it still did, but her irritation overrode that.

Crossing the room, she set her laundry basket on a folding table, crossed her arms and glared at him. “What are you doing?”

“Waiting for a dryer,” he replied with a small smile though he didn’t look at her.

“What’s wrong with the one you’re leaning on?”

“Not hot enough.”

She stared at him, knowing he was up to something. A quick glance showed most of the machines were empty. As was the facility. Empty except for the clerk listening to headphones behind the desk at the front. She knew from experience that it would take a near nuclear event to budge the man which left her all but alone with Ted here at the back of the place.

“What’s wrong with the other machines?”

He set down his basket. “Not the ones I want. I only want a certain one. Just like I only want a particular woman.”

“Jana?” Kim’s tone was snarky, but she didn’t care.

“No. Not Jana. My brother completely photoshopped those pictures as a joke—a bad one. And you’d know that if you answered your damn phone and let him explain.”

“I thought it was you calling.”

He raised an eyebrow, his thoughts on her avoidance clear. With a sigh, she dropped her arms and shoved her hands into her skirt pockets. She looked away as she processed what he’d said. Was he telling the truth? Everything inside her wanted him to be though she’d be left with the knowledge she hadn’t trusted him…

“Really?” she asked.

“Really. Would I be standing here in my underwear if I wasn’t completely serious about getting your attention then making you to believe me?”

After setting his basket next to hers, he pulled her into his arms. She didn’t resist. In fact, she hugged him tight and pressed her nose to the warm, smooth flesh of his muscled chest.

“I only want one dryer too,” she told him.

Lifting her onto the table to sit beside their laundry, Ted stepped between her legs. He raised her chin so she looked at him. “I need you to talk to me.”

“I feel so stupid.”

“Don’t. They looked pretty convincing. I kicked the shit outta my brother.”

“Poor Simon.”

“Simon my ass. He ruined the best thing that ever happened to me.” Gently, he kissed her and she looped her arms around his shoulders. Her body pressed close to the one she always wanted to be near. “Mmm…God, I’ve missed you,” he murmured. “Let’s get your laundry going.”

“Huh?” she asked in a daze.

He smiled the wicked grin that always made her womb shiver. “I’ve always wanted to have sex during the spin cycle,” he said. Stepping back, he grabbed her basket and went to the nearest washer. After stuffing her load of darks inside and putting in the soap, he closed the lid. His grin even more wicked, he lifted her against him. Her legs naturally curved around his hips as he walked back to the machine and set her on top.

“Quarters?” he asked.

“In my pocket.” She leaned back on her hands so he could get the change. The removal soon became a long exploration with her pocket stretched so he could explore her pussy through the fabric. Her eyes closed as he rubbed her clit making her squirm for all the things she’d been missing since they’d split.

When she was nice and wet and inches from orgasm, he pulled out the six quarters and inserted them in the coin slots. The appliance immediately began a soft rumble beneath her. Ted slipped his hands beneath her skirt and pulled down her panties.

“Lift up a sec,” he said when he had them off. When she did, he opened the lid a fraction and shoved the minuscule scrap inside the washer. He shook his head. “No panties for at least an hour. What should we do?”

She drew her tongue over her lips. “I have a few ideas, but can you last to the final cycle?”

“Can you?”

Laughing, she shook her head. “No. But you can see how many times you can get me off before then.”

His gaze serious with lustful intent, he drew her hips to the edge and she thanked her lucky stars she loved a man who was tall. Her skirt was shoved up her thighs. Slowly, he pressed two fingers inside her wet folds, parting her neglected passage and reaching deep. His thumb rasped over her clit.

“Are you coming home?” he asked quietly as he began a slow pistoning.


“And you’re not leaving my bed anymore?”

“I’ll be there every night,” she promised, barely able to breathe for the fucking of his hand and the agitation of the water beneath her.

His free hand slid up her torso to her breast and pinched her nipple, sending her rocketing into a climax.

“One,” he said. He shoved down his underwear enough to free his cock. Immediately, he lined it up with her opening. Both hands took her hips and he pushed inside with one, slow, determined drive. Her body immediately tremored, clamping around him as it welcomed him after the long absence.

“Two,” she gasped. Her heels dug into the back of his thighs as she pressed closer. Carefully, he controlled the action, keeping every motion slow as he waited, then as the machine accelerated into the first spin cycle, his thrusts increased. His body and the machine jerked, propelling her harder into him and setting off release three then moments later four. Yet by some inhuman force, he didn’t come.

His smile was positively demonic as he slowed once more, the machine filling for the rinse cycle. She glanced down at his cock parting her as it pistoned in and out of her, slick with her cream. She wanted to reach for him, to connect further, but because of their precarious position, instead flattened her hands behind her on the lid.

Ted leaned over to kissed her and she lifted into him, giving him all of herself as the machine sped back into the spin cycle and shuddered both their bodies. He fucked her hard, rushing toward completion.

She pulled her mouth away and moved her lips to his ear. “I want you to fill me with you. Make me all yours again.”

He let out a harsh sound and stiffened. His cock shoved deep. Together they cried out as he came.

“Five,” she murmured, letting him know as they wound down that she had climaxed, too. Panting, they let the final vibrations of the machine lull them back down from the high they’d found.

“Think the dryer’s ready?” she asked.

He shrugged. “We could just go home and use our dryer.”

“Good idea,” she laughed.

“And I’ll take you to bed and see how many more I can give you before the buzzer goes off.”

She sat up so she could wrap her arms around his shoulders and kiss him. “Make sure it’s the extra long setting.”

“Forever,” he promised.

“That’ll work.”

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Bronwyn Green said...

Love it, Brynn! Hot and sweet - one of my favorite combos!! :D

Jess said...

Love it too! Totally agree with Bron--hot and sweet is one of the best combos and you nailed it with this one. :)

Ashley Ladd said...

Great story. Another hot story. :)