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Monday Minute Fiction - The Blood Stop-n-Go

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The Blood Stop-n-Go
(this work belongs to Brynn Paulin and cannot be duplicated without permission)

It’s not easy being a vampire during a full moon. Yeah, I know. You thought that was only for werewolves. Sooooo, not true. That great big sadistic orb has it in for us blood suckers too. That’s when our blood lust hits its peak. You think PMS is bad? Try NBS—need blood syndrome.

So there I was, at my time of the month, and no appealing veins in sight. Dejected, I sat on the bench at the bus stop and stared at the stupid moon. My stomach cramped and I moaned. At that moment, heaven forbid that anyone try and speak with me. I would have ripped their heads off—figuratively. I’m not that bad.

My mouth was dry and my hands shook from it. Knowing my eyes must be starting to look a bit feral, I slipped on my sunglasses. Things would only get worse if I had to break out of the psych ward. Again. Yeah…been there, done that, didn’t get the t-shirt, but I do have a really cool jacket.

Anyway, that’s when I saw him. I’m not usually into short hair and leather, but he was eating chocolate-covered pretzels and that upped his appeal value into the triple digits. In twenty minutes, that sugar and salt would be flowing through his system…then mine.

I was at his side in an instant.

“Hi,” I said, forcing back my fangs when they tried to descend. The whole struggle inside me managed to make my tight greeting sound seductive.

He looked over at me in surprise. “Uh…hi…”

Apparently, being approached by a woman stunned him. Okay, so he wasn’t the best looking man I’d ever seen, but he wasn’t dog-butt ugly. He was just ordinary nice-guy looking. Perhaps he was trying a little too hard with the biker jacket, but that didn’t make him untouchable. In fact, my lips were aching to touch him in a very special spot, right at the base of his neck.

I swallowed as my mouth watered. “So what are you up to tonight?” I asked. “Want company?” Planning to be in any dark corners anytime soon? Can I come?

“Uh…just taking a walk.”

“Oh? I’ll walk with you. You don’t mind, do you?”

“If you don’t mind me asking…” He stopped dead and looked at me. “What do you want?”

“What do you think I want?”

He glanced down at himself. “I can’t imagine.”

I leaned forward and my stomach twisted in painful need at the scent of his wonderful blood. My whole body felt jittery. I fought to control myself as my lips brushed his ear. “I’ll give you a hint. It starts with ssssssssssss,” I hissed, “and it ends with ex.”

He pulled back. “Seriously? I mean…seriously? You look like a super model or something. Why would you want me?”

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re exactly what I’m looking for tonight.”

“Oh my God. We need to go to the Stop-n-go and get—wait! You’re not some undercover cop who wants to bust me for picking up a hooker.”

Okay now, I was seriously offended. Hookers did not wear designer clothes and three hundred dollar shoes. Bitch, please… My panties probably cost more than his weekly salary. “Have we discussed money? No. And no, I’m not vice. I just want you.”

“Okay. I’ve gotta get condoms.”

“We don’t need condoms.” And that was one of the best things about being a vampire. No diseases, no chance of getting one—or being impregnated by one, either. Yeah…kids are so not my bag.

“Lady, I don’t care how cute you are, I’m wearing protection.”

“Okay, whatever. Is there a place near here?” My blood lust was getting pretty desperate and in a minute I was going to drag him into an alley and tear his throat out. I didn’t want to hurt him so time was of the essence.

“Around the corner… You’re, um, kinda needy. How long has it been?”

“A month.” I grabbed his hand and yanked him toward the store. Let him wonder where my inhuman strength came from. At the moment, I didn’t care.

The store was deserted which wasn’t a surprise at three a.m. The clerk was nowhere to be found, but I supposed they thought their flimsy security cameras would deter people from stealing stuff. Yeah. Okay. Idiots.

We weren’t out to steal stuff though. I might be a vampire, but I’m basically a law abiding citizen, except for—

Well that’s coming in a sec.

The guy grabbed a box of condoms then insisted on a can of whipped cream. Whatever. He could take it home and squirt it in his mouth like a lot of humans liked to do. It was so not coming close to my designer clothes—or my body which it would surely leave sticky.

The clerk was still missing when we got to the checkout and there was no bell to summon the wench. “I guess we’ll have to wait,” he said, pressing me up against the counter with the conveyor belt. His mouth was on my neck, nipping at the base of my throat which I found somewhat ironic, but the sensation sent a quiver through me and I closed my eyes, letting the sexual feeling overcome me. It was so rare for me to feel this lately that I might as well have been dead. Wait… oh never mind. Anyway, his hands traveled down my arms then around to my back where they slipped inside my shirt.

“Kiss me,” I begged.

“Nu-uh. I never kiss on the first date,” he replied. He dragged down the front of my shirt to reveal a breast. His mouth immediately settled over it. I trembled,, vibrations soaring through me and I felt as if I were flying. My ass hit the belt and I realized he’d lifted me. Immediately, my legs went around his hips, drawing his cock close to the place I wanted him most. But sex wasn’t happening. I’d rip him apart if I had to wait that long.

As he sucked and licked at my nipple, I let my teeth descend. In seconds, my mouth was on his jugular. He groaned as the dagger-like edges sank in but never stopped his ministrations. In fact, he sucked harder which sent unbelievable spasms rifling through me. I sighed as the tangy, sweet flavor of him flooded my mouth. His taste was exquisite. Perfect. Intoxicating.

The blood, the sexual thrill… In moments, an orgasm rushed up on me. I opened my sensations to him, letting him feel the intense ecstasy spearing through my body. He trembled and I knew an orgasm would take him too. I wanted it. I needed to taste it on his blood.

Quickly, I slipped a hand between us and stroked his cock. He moaned, pushing into my palm. He opened my pants and I screamed against his throat as two of his fingers thrust up into me. Relentlessly, he finger-fucked me while I drew on his blood and jacked him through his jeans. His thumb grazed my clit and he bit my nipple and I went flying off into the best climax I’d had in a month. Warmth erupted beneath my hand and he let out a choked cry. I smiled against his neck, knowing he’d found his release as well.

Gently, I let up from his jugular, feeling completely sated, and licked at the small wound until it closed. Soon there was nothing but a small bruise. Ah, well, something to remember me by.

Panting, we both righted our clothes and left the store, the items still on the counter, the clerk still nowhere to be found.

“See you next month,” he said.

“Seriously?” I whined. “You’re going to make me wait a month?”

“If I let you suck me like that every day, I wouldn’t survive. Even the blood bank makes you wait six weeks between donations.”

“Fine,” I huffed. “Wait, what if I promised not to bite you?”

He gave me a look that clearly spoke of his disbelief.

“Fine,” I huffed again. “You better be here.”

He smiled. “Of course, I’ll be here. I love you, you know that. You know what I want.”

“I’m not ready for a consort.”

“Hmm…” he murmured. “Well then. Next month.”

He kissed me gently as he got ready to leave me. After all, this wasn’t our first date, but our eleventh. And next month… It would be a year, and I probably would make him my consort, but he didn’t need to know that now. It was all a test and all he had to do was show up to pass.

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Bronwyn Green said...

What a fun read! you think you'll revisit them? I'd like to see what happens next month. :D

Brynn Paulin said...

I might... You never know.

Temple Hogan said...

Wow, that was sinsational!!! I'd like to hear more next month! Temple Hogan

Anny Cook said...

Heh. Cute.

Ashley Ladd said...

Another hot one. Whew!

It's amazing how we use the same picture as inspiration and come up with such different stories.

Brynn Paulin said...

Yeah...isn't that amazing! I love it!

Nathalie Brault said...

I love vampire stories, and this one is too good and hot,
I really would love it to have a follow
Great read.

Brynn Paulin said...

Hi Nathalie,
The free expanded version of Blood Stop-n-Go can be found here: