Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Wonder Writer - Kris Norris!!

Hey everyone! Please help me to welcome the super-wonderful, multi-talented Kris Norris to my blog today! When you're done reading, please leave a comment. Blogger is doing strange things to my blog so the comment link is now at the top of the post instead of at the bottom (if someone can tell me how to fix it, I'll send them a free book)

And now the interview:

Kris, author’s lives intrigue readers and other writers. Tell me about your typical daily schedule.

First off, thanks for letting me drop by. I promise to wipe my shoes at the door.

Typical? I have three kids, so there isn’t such a thing as a ‘typical’ day at our house. On a good one, I get the kids up at 7:00 and out to the bus for 7:40…and buses, surprisingly, don’t wait… who knew…Then, I go for a run. That’s probably the single most important part of the day. Getting my head cleared and my dog out on the trails. If I don’t run her, Bandit pouts the entire day, following me from room to room until I break down. So it’s best just to bite the bullet and go first thing. This way, I’m hopefully back and writing by 9:30.

Of course by “writing” I mean on the computer, quite often doing every thing BUT writing. I check emails, visit a couple of blogs, do some searches. But eventually I’ll write until the kids get home around 2:30. After that, the rest of the day is a crapshoot. On the ones where I roll a seven, I get a few more hours to write, but some days that’s it until the kids are down for the night…and with a budding teenager, you can imagine what time he finally calls it quits. After that, I try to write until the scene starts to blur and I find myself writing paragraphs of the letter “s.”

Do you have a pre-writing routine to prepare yourself to get down to business?

Absolutely. I never, ever, start typing without at least one can of diet Coke beside me. A girl needs her vices, ya know. But you start writing at 9:30 you say? Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…one of the crowning mottos in our house. I actually have the kids trained so all I have to do is tell them to “hook a sister up” and they go and grab me another can. I love having children.

Oh, and I try to grab a phone so I can check out the name before I pick up. Isn’t technology wonderful?

I will admit, that if I’m having trouble with a scene or just getting in the mood to write, I’ll read a chapter of a novel I like to get my thoughts straight. I’m not sure why this helps, but quite often it sets my head straight to write my own stuff.

What’s your writing style? Slow and steady? Quick and prolific? All over the place?

Ohhhh, are we talking writing style or sex style, cause I love that last one… all over the place. Like on the couch, against the wall, on the counter… Okay, sorry, you were talking writing style.
For me, it really depends how much of the story is in my head. If I don’t have to fight with it, then it comes like a teenage porn star, quick and prolific. But if it’s an effort just to determine which chapter I’m at, then slow and steady, much like the rest of the world.

But I think most authors are probably a mix. Some parts are easier than others, so all over the place is definitely my overall style… see, I told you I loved it.

What are you working on now?

Oh, I liked Mia’s answer… can I work on her hard, hot man?

Actually, I have a list, yes a list, of projects I’m determined to get finished for this year. I just finished an erotic futuristic for Resplendence and will be working on a Handcuffs and Lace story for them shortly. I’m also working on the second book in two of my series for Total-e-Bound (hoping the like them, of course). The first is the next instalment in my Dark Prophecy series… this time there’s two vampires on the hunt for their talisman and it looks like the lucky girl is going to get double the pleasure. I’m also working on the next book in my Enchanted Lover series… Tiana’s back and she’s all fired up. Then there’s a ménage novella, a free read, and another thriller… yup, I’ve got a list.

What’s your favorite genre to write?

I think my ultimate favorite is suspense/thriller. There’s nothing I love more than evil villains and fast-paced action, all revolving around mystery and intrigue. But I have to admit, I love putting other elements in there as well. I love the paranormal, so I’m finding that even my thrillers have characters who have some kind of “gift” if you will. I think cross genre writing is more exciting, because you get to take the best elements from both worlds and put them together.

I find a lot of authors like to read outside their chosen genre. What do you like to read?

I love reading just about anything, though to be honest, I’m not a huge historical kind of girl. I love shifters, and fantasy and anything involving cops or special agents. I choose erotic romance most of the time, but if I decide to go mainstream, my all-time favorite author is still Stephen King… I know, but I really am that geeky.

Do you have a favorite author or someone you look up to in the industry?

Favorite authors? I’m just discovering a whole new world of favorite authors. Okay, so I’ve admitted to loving Stephen King, but then I have a feeling you either love the guy, or hate him. Not much middle ground.

As for new favorite authors… dare I say, Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin (oh, that’s you isn’t it), Lora Leigh, Tielle St. Clare, and I’m just reading an Anthology and I think I might have a few more to add to my list very soon.

Tell me your writing story…when did you decide this was what you want to do? How long did it take you to get “the call”? When were you first published? Etc.

Oh, I got the call not even a year ago, from Total-e-Bound, though it was an email, not a call, lol. I remember reading it thinking, oh my God, it’s not a rejection letter!!! I must have read that email a dozen times just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Then I called everyone I could think of… just my luck not a single soul was home… the first time in my life I actually have exciting news and the only one I could tell was the dog! Gotta love life. I swear, I was scared to email my editor back in case she’d made a mistake or something.

My first story came out October 26th 2009. Sacred Talisman was part of TEB’s Voracious Vamps collection and is the first book in my vampire series, Dark Prophecy. It was followed two weeks later by my first full-length novel, Deadly Vision.

How many books have you had published and for whom?

I currently have five books out. I have four with Total-e-Bound and one with Resplendence Publishing. I’m hoping to more than double that by the end of this year.

What’s your latest release? Can you tell us about the book and how you got the idea?

I actually have two releases out this month. One, Deadly Vision, is my first print book, while my latest new release is Healing Hands, both with Total-e-Bound. Healing Hands is an erotic fantasy, medieval story that is the first book in my series, Enchanted Lovers. The story came through my love of witches and healers. It takes place in a mythical land, but I envisioned it to be very similar to the medieval period. Here’s the blurb…

Mira has only five days to lose her virginity, or face certain death… and only one man is up for the job.

Shunned by her Kingdom because she’s been given the gift of healing over fire, Mira anxiously awaits her freedom. All she has to do is complete her Rite of Passage and pass the auspicious Ritual of Sisterhood. There’s just one catch. If she doesn’t lose her virginity before the Ritual begins, she’ll be killed. And just her luck, none of the Kingdom’s tutors will touch her.

Hoping to ensure failure, Mira’s been given a tutor with a curse of his own. Hailing from Garinth, Keegan’s plagued with a serious problem. His body only reacts to women who possess certain qualities. So when he wakes to find himself imprisoned in a Kingdom ruled by witches, he can’t imagine how any of them measure up. But then, he never counted on Mira, or on the way his body comes to life, filling his head with delicious images of seduction. He’d love nothing more than to tame this pretty little witch, but can he claim her before their time runs out?

What’s your writing space like?

Oh, I have this awesome studio, with a huge desk and a fabulous leather chair, and…

Okay, if you must know I usually write on my bed with my laptop on a pillow on my lap… I only wish I had the posh office with a fancy desk and a vibrating chair… but then I might never get anything done.

If I need to keep an eye on the kids, then I’ll curl up on the sofa in the family room where I have a clear view of the back yard and all the trouble my devil spawn, I mean loving children, can get into.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

You mean people have a life beyond writing?

I’m sure I’m like most authors and trying to find the time to write is more of a challenge. At any given time I’ll be sitting at an ice rink or driving a bunch of energetic kids (that’s the politically right term) to or from art, swimming, gymnastics… you name it. But hockey and ringette take up most of our spare time. I’m also the school PAC chair (that’s the Parent Advisory Council here in Canada, the same as your PTA), so I’m at the school a lot helping with hot lunches, class trips, art projects and just about anything else.

Other than that, I’m out on the trails running, or mountain bike riding, or on rare occasions, watching TV, though there are very few shows I actually watch.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

I’m very excited to be attending the Author’s After Dark conference this year in New Jersey from Sept 16–19th. I’d love to meet anyone and everyone, and look forward to expanding my publishing horizons. Of course, four days away from the kids won’t hurt either.

Last questions…

Coke or Pepsi? Coke, hands down, only it has to be Diet Coke. No really… a must have.

Bronte or Austen? Geesh, I had to look that up. Sorry, not up on the literary classics I suppose. But If I had to choose, I guess Austen.

Star Trek or Star Wars? Oh, hard one. I hate to admit, but I was a Trekie before they started calling it a Treker… Damn it Jim, I’m a novelist not a brick layer… like anyone laid bricks out in space.

But you gotta love the original Star Wars trilogy. One of the first blockbusters to actually end a motion picture with a cliff-hanger. Gotta love Lucas. But the new Star Trek movie rocked, so I think I’m going to take the coward’s way out and say it’s a tie.

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Okay the fact I had to read this like a hundred times and still didn’t get it until my kids enlightened me tells you something. Sorry, but vamps just shouldn’t sparkle. Really, they shouldn’t, so let’s go with the furry guy. That’s Jacob, right?

McDonalds or Burger King? Hey, I’m Canadian, and it’s sacrilege to answer anything but… Tim Hortons. I think it might actually be a crime, no really, with really steep fines and possible jail time.

Kris, thanks so much for being with me today! I thoroughly enjoyed your interview (and I must say, reading my Wonder Writers' answers to the Team Edward/Team Jacob question is getting to be very enlightening, lol)

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Kris thanks again for being here!!! Everyone, please leave your comments! Don't forget the link for commenting is now at the top of the post.


Bronwyn Green said...

YAY it's Kris - one of my favorite people ever!!! :D

LOL at how you came to your decision for Team Jacob!!!

Kris Norris said...

Hey Bron

Thanks for dropping by. And yeah, it was a hard decision, but when faced with a sparkly vamp... the furry guy's gotta win... and he's got pretty nice abs to boot.


Kris Norris said...

Hey Brynn,

Just sent you an email on how to fix your blogger woes... to your yahoo account.


Genella deGrey said...

Hi girls - what a fun interview!
I looked into the Author’s After Dark Conference - let me know when they get a gaggle of male cover models there and I'll consider going. :D :D :D

My paypal account is going through some transitions - and when it's over, I can't wait to read Healing Hands!

Hugs -

Kris Norris said...

Hey G

What? No male cover models at AAD? That was the whole reason I was going!

Maybe I'll just bring some along and be the popular one, lol.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy HH if you pick it up.

Regina Carlysle said...

Ooooh. I would LOVE to have a vibrating chair.Sounds kinky doesn't it????

Molly Daniels said...

Entertaining interview! What part of Canada do you hail from, Kris? My sis lives in Vancouver. Congrats on being newly pubbed!

Kris Norris said...

Hey Regina

Yes, the vibrating chair would be awesome, but I do think I'd get even less done in a day... and how would the old washing machine feel?

Hey Molly

I'm just a stone's throw away... well if you can toss a stone across the straights. I'm on Vancouver Island in a small town called Courtenay. That's about an hour up island from Nanaimo.
I love it here... green, temperate and lots of trails.

hugs and thanks for stopping by.