Monday, February 15, 2010

Blood of the Dragon - Coming Soon!!!

Hey everyone! The book's gonna be here before you know it! Here's the blurb:

Until a few months before his twenty-sixth birthday, Lucan Aventech thought he was human. Then the day of his changing arrived. As his skin ignited and he shifted to Dragon form for the first time, he was in a horrific accident—or so it appeared. Lucan survived, but everyone, including his beloved Meda, believed him dead.

Now that he’s finally come to terms with being a Dragon shifter and he’s no longer a danger to others, he’s ready to reclaim his life and reclaim Meda. Reigniting the love between them should be easy, right? But Meda’s deep-seated anger and pain as she comes to terms with who he is and the fact that he abandoned her makes things far more difficult than Lucan ever imagined. Nevertheless, nothing can stop the passion still burning between them. And that will have to do until Lucan can convince her nothing will separate them again.

Have a great day! I'll post up an excerpt for the book tomorrow.


Anny Cook said...

It sounds delicious!

Brynn Paulin said...

Thanks Anny!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Is the excerpt up anywhere. I looked, but maybe I missed it. Angela

Brynn Paulin said...

Hi Angela, Excerpt will be up tomorrow. (Thwapping head) I forgot to post it up.