Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost Normal

Things are getting back to normal today. I finally finished the book I've been kavetching about. It turned out great! I'm progressing on the challenge as well. I'm at 16, 716 of 40, 000 with 26 days to go. This week, I'll be heavy into editing for my job, however, so my pace will slow a bit.

Speaking of my job... A funny thing happened on my way to quitting. I decided not to. I'm staying on part time at the old job and working part time at the new job. I'm looking forward to it all actually.

I'd like to thank everyone for the healing thoughts and prayers for my husband after his surgery for the ruptured appendix a week and a half ago. I'm calling him the miracle man. He's healed so quickly that he's gone back to work on light duty this week. Next week, He'll be back to full time! It really is amazing. It's actually good too. The nature of his job and mine, leaves us with no insurance so the bills should be a ton of fun. Oh well, as my husband says, "It's only money. We make it every day." Gotta love that man.

Have a remarkable day!


Molly Daniels said...

So glad your husband is doing better!

And congrats on the word count:)

Regina Carlysle said...

YAY on finishing and subbing. I must do the same so pass some inspiration this way please. Soooo glad Mr. Brynn is feeling better and back to work. That was fast.

Devon Rhodes said...

Nice writing lady..

And glad you'll still be 'around'.. you know where to find me if you need any help at all! :)