Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dancing WIth Danger

Hi everyone! My good friend Desiree Holt has a new book out today that I want to tell you about. This great story is available at Ellora's Cave. You know anything by Desiree is a winner! Here it is:

Dancing with Danger

Rachel Windsor knew nothing about Gabriel Peralta except that he was walking sex appeal. He blew into her life without notice, here today then always gone on a puff of wind. But each time he appears, he does things to her body that even her fantasies haven’t conjured up, driving her to orgasms that shake her like a raging storm. His mouth knows every inch of her body. The imprint of his intimate kisses linger long after he disappears.

Now he’s back again, his life unexpectedly on the line. But even in the danger zone his sexual demands are more scorching than ever and this time, Rachel is determined not to lose him—or the erotic lifestyle that binds them.

You can pick this up HERE.

Congrats Desiree!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Idol

Today, I’m pleased to announce is the end of my yearly ‘book idol’. Once a year, I go all Simon Cowell on my keeper shelf. Have you moved me? Do I think of you? Do I get the urge to revisit the scenarios in this book? Are you even memorable at all?

If the answer’s no, the book goes off to the giveaway bag. If the answer’s yes, the book goes back on the shelf.

Of course…sigh…I have to admit, I do go all Paula Abdul over some of my books. They stay by author name alone and all those other questions are invalidated. Jude Devereaux, Lynsay Sands, Lynn Kurland, Suzanne Brockmann, Ann Marie Winston, Amy J Fetzer? Y’all get to stay. You’re safe from Simon Cowell-ing. And then there’s Johanna Lindsey. She’s safe, too. In fact, this is where I admit…I, well, I have three copies of one of her books, A Heart So Wild. Why? Geez, I have no idea. But I have two on my keeper shelf and one in my office. I don’t even know where they all came from. (Lindsey fans, one word: Chandos)

This is something I should tell you about authors… Books just show up. They do! (Really dear husband of mine, THEY DO!!!) They just appear, perhaps believing the home of a writer is a safe haven. To those migrating books, I issue this dire warning: Beware of Book Idol. I will find you and you will be purged.

This year, I found 71 impostors hidden amongst the keepers. And, now there’s room for more! More books…

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life of a Romance Writer – Part 4, Thursday

This should be called a day in the life of a romance editor today. My brain is fried. Today, I’ve assessed four books, written schedules for 28 books and done a half a bazillion emails. Okay, I exaggerate. It was only a quarter of a bazillion. I’ve formatted twelve manuscripts for edit. And now…I’m whipped.

I’m soooooooo knocking off for the night and watching Supernatural.