Monday, December 7, 2009

Finished the Book!

Well, I finished my book this weekend - YAY!!! Today I'm catching up with day job work for a little while, then I'm off to start my next book. Actually, I should say my next two books. I'm writing them in tandem. I'm super excited for it.

One is an anthology book I'm in with Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts and Dakota Rebel. The other is book 3 in the Cruentus Dragon's series, Blood of the Wolf. This is the story about Lucan, brother to the head of the Cruentus clan whose book was Dragon's Blood.

Speaking of Dragons... Blood Bought will be available at Resplendence Publishing TOMORROW! For those who've wondered what happened with Jonah and Athena, now you'll know!

I don't know if I'll have a blog up tomorrow. My youngest son whose 13 has been blowing off his schoolwork. I warned him, if he didn't shape up, I'd be going to school with him. So guess who's in the 8th grade tomorrow. He'd better get it together and QUICK!

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