Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life of a Romance Writer – Part 3, Wednesday

I’ve had one orgasm too many. Yeah, you heard me. One too many. Dear God, please do not mention the word sex or anything sexually related for at least 240 hours…or longer. I wrote 5000 words of it yesterday and I don’t know that I can bear any more for a bit. For the record, for those who haven’t read one of my books, the non-sex stuff really does have a higher ratio of words than the sex stuff. The 5K was just the way it worked out in this particular work.

So…unaware of my wishes, many have made sex references on my Facebook page this morning. Oy!

You’d think I’d be happy that I was done with the book and let it slide off. I am happy, but today I’m also overtired and almost everyone in my household, save my wonderful husband, seems to want to make me cry. Sigh… Overtired and hormonal. We romance writers get that too. And what our heroines couldn’t learn from that. If only they’d wait to make major decisions until they were sure they had enough sleep, enough caffeine and enough level-headedness. Meh… But what kind of a story would that make? Sometimes, it’s the crack-headed leaps that make the book interesting.

All hail hormones, eh?

And congested chest. I’m lying in the couch, sounding like a wheezing cat. It’s nice to have a job where I can call in sick when I need to, and not have to actually call.

One funny thing though… My two characters were having a fight and my hero says to the heroine, “You’re blowing me off for lunch?”

No one noticed. Not me the three times I edited it, not my critique partner, and I don’t think my editor did either.

Correction made…CHECK!

And you know what…in the end (in the addition) the heroine did blow him off for lunch. Yay me! Thank you, thank you very much.

I feel almost orgasmic.


Molly Daniels said...

Hormones...gotta love 'em:)

Hope you feel better soon!

Devon Rhodes said...

Ok, I would have caught that!! It made me laugh out loud before I read the rest of why you put it in there.

Brynn Paulin said...

Thanks Molly!

LOL Devon! I don't doubt that you would have. You're very good :-)

The other stuff wasn't in there to begin with. I just decided to put my gaffe to good use. Never look a good double entendre in the mouth!!

Ashley Ladd said...

LOL on the sex part. Hugs on the illness part. I'm fighting an upper respiratory infection this week and was infectious so had to stay home from the day job for a couple days. I'm still coughing.

Love your post. Sometimes enough is enough!