Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life of a Romance Writer – Part 3, Wednesday

I’ve had one orgasm too many. Yeah, you heard me. One too many. Dear God, please do not mention the word sex or anything sexually related for at least 240 hours…or longer. I wrote 5000 words of it yesterday and I don’t know that I can bear any more for a bit. For the record, for those who haven’t read one of my books, the non-sex stuff really does have a higher ratio of words than the sex stuff. The 5K was just the way it worked out in this particular work.

So…unaware of my wishes, many have made sex references on my Facebook page this morning. Oy!

You’d think I’d be happy that I was done with the book and let it slide off. I am happy, but today I’m also overtired and almost everyone in my household, save my wonderful husband, seems to want to make me cry. Sigh… Overtired and hormonal. We romance writers get that too. And what our heroines couldn’t learn from that. If only they’d wait to make major decisions until they were sure they had enough sleep, enough caffeine and enough level-headedness. Meh… But what kind of a story would that make? Sometimes, it’s the crack-headed leaps that make the book interesting.

All hail hormones, eh?

And congested chest. I’m lying in the couch, sounding like a wheezing cat. It’s nice to have a job where I can call in sick when I need to, and not have to actually call.

One funny thing though… My two characters were having a fight and my hero says to the heroine, “You’re blowing me off for lunch?”

No one noticed. Not me the three times I edited it, not my critique partner, and I don’t think my editor did either.

Correction made…CHECK!

And you know what…in the end (in the addition) the heroine did blow him off for lunch. Yay me! Thank you, thank you very much.

I feel almost orgasmic.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life of a Romance Writer – Part 2, Tuesday

I’m not much of a procrastinator… Okay, well, yes I am. But I SWEAR this is NOT my fault! I’ve been so slammed with work (and well cleaning yesterday) that I’ve gotten to my deadline and I still have 4000 words to write on my manuscript. Not just any 4000 words. No, these are 4000 words of sex. 4000 overwhelming words. 4000 roadblocks on my way to being finished with this book’s edits. Yes edits. I won’t explain, but I needed to make an addition.

The ever-glam life I lead will today consist of me intermittently chugging coffee and water. If I remember, I’ll brush my hair on the way to take the kids to school. Everyone there has seen me in my jammie pants so no worries on that front. I’ll definitely brush my hair before I pick them up…and probably change and shower (not in that order). Life will not return to normal until 8 PM tonight when I press the send button on my email and wing my manuscript off to my editor.

Hmmm…maybe saying life will return to normal is going too far. This IS normal. And tomorrow. I’ll start work again on my next book. I have 26K to go on it and I want it in by mid-October.

I love my life!!! I really do!

I also love that I got an awesome 5-star review for Single White Knight from Teresa at Rainbow Reviews. Here’s part of it:

Ms. Paulin has created a fascinating story incorporating both the past and present times. The glimpses into the Middle Ages added both depth and substance to the story. The character of the angel who got involved when first Toby than Alwyn were in danger was a great addition to the story. It was difficult to watch the difficulties that Toby endured against the prejudice at his job. I was entranced as the story unfolded to see how Toby and Alwyn dealt with the situations they encountered in their lives. The love between them was never in question, but what they do with it will ultimately write the outcome of this story. Thanks go to Ms. Paulin for a great read.

Thanks Teresa!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Life of a Romance Writer – Part 1, Monday

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled Monday to write about my Oh So Romantic Life. On the weekends, I don’t clean so on Monday mornings after I’ve taken the kids to school, the cleaning begins. You’d be amazed at what a mess two days away creates…and how much laundry. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t be. You might experience the same. Today was also shopping day.

It’s raining. I like rain, but I don’t like that it started to pour as I pulled into the driveway. Clutching my Starbucks and an environmentally friendly reusable bag of groceries, I ran for my front door, knowing I had three more trips to make. Of course, today would be the day I bought flats of water. We don’t do juice boxes or soft drinks around here. It’s water—unless the teenagers want to walk to the store and get their own soft drinks. But those flats of water? A pain in the butt when it’s raining buckets.

My hair now plastered to my face and body, I put away the groceries. Thankfully, the fridge was clean—for once—and I could easily put things away. Then it begins…

I start at the back of the house and move forward. Stripping and remaking beds, dusting, scrubbing down the entire bathroom (ick), dusting and washing the living room and kitchen then vacuuming all. Gotta say, I’m pretty tired when that’s all done.

Meanwhile, I’m also doing laundry. Today, I discovered I’m out of soap—even though I was JUST at the store!!! Writers should never leave the house without an edited list. Mine had holes. So I went to blow out the candle in the bathroom. My now-dry hair swung down into the flame, setting part on fire and getting wax on it. Sigh… Oh, ever so romantic. This isn’t what I had in mind when I thought burning scented candles would be a good idea.

So back to the store…

Screaming babies, people swerving in front of me, people who can’t work the U-scan. I just wanted laundry soap…really. Otherwise, no mishaps at the store, and no rain on the way home. I shoulda called that good enough, but no… I stopped through Arby’s. What followed was not Arby’s fault. Not directly. Though, I must say, my senses were thoroughly offended that my drink was served up in a hard plastic U of M cup. I am a die-hard State fan, thank you very much. And said cup didn’t fit in my cup holder because the base is wide and non-flexible. You might guess where I’m going… Diet Pepsi spilled all over my lap. Good thing I went to get the laundry soap.

I have managed something productive. Two manuscripts reviewed, one finalized for two authors I edit. Notes sent out to other authors. All without problems. Shocking, I know.

And now it’s raining again… Time to get the kids. When did we start having hurricanes in Michigan? But I am a romance writer (though I’ve yet to get to my manuscript). I vow that I’ll not look like a drowned rat when my hero comes home to find me perfectly coiffed and made up, dressed in a silk confection that will make his heart beat like hummingbird’s wings… He'll be so blown away, he won't even notice when I spend the rest of the night writing and ignoring him.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Can't Afford to Wait

The health care debate has moved far away from what really matters. Millions of Americans can't afford to wait on health care reform.

I just watched this powerful new video from MoveOn that the Courage Campaign forwarded to me. This video features a song from R.E.M. and shows real people suffering under our broken health care system.

I thought you might be interested in seeing it as well:

If you like it, please pass it on to your friends.