Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looks Like Snow

Okay…it’s not that cold. It’s in the low sixties, but the nasty rain that’s been coming down all day is so fine, it looks like sleety snow falling. I actually did a double take today. C’mon… It’s AUGUST!

This has been the coldest summer I can remember in about fifteen years. Same sort of scenario that year. About two hot weeks, and the rest of the summer cold cold cold. I recall it clearly because those two hottest weeks were the two weeks before I had my son who, by the way, was two weeks late. Then the rest of the summer I had to eschew the cute summery newborn clothes I had and bundle up the kid in fall-type clothes.

He survived to be a sarcastic, mouthy pain in my neck. I survived to ground him. Do you know the most annoying thing about teenagers? They make your mother’s voice and words come out of your mouth—those things I PROMISED I would never say. You know, because I would be SUCH an understanding mother. I’d understand the subtext and angst of the eye roll and, BOY, do I. So I tell my son NOT to roll his eyes at me, and you know what he says? I wasn’t rolling my eyes. I was looking somewhere else.


Yes, so he’s lived through another cold summer. Barely. School starts in nine days, twelve hours and thirty-nine minutes. But, hey, who's counting?


Dakota Rebel said...

Lol. Yeah, mine isn't a teenager yet, but she still makes me say things I never wanted to say. The biggest being 'because I said so.' UGH! I hated hearing that when I was a kid, and yet I find myself spewing those words at her at least twice a week.

*Sigh. Don't you hate when your mother was right?


Dakota Rebel said...

Oh, and it has been FREEZING here too. I am terrified it is going to snow the day of my wedding. I'm even having nightmares about it.