Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All Hail FlyLady

Have you heard of her? I have to say, I rely on the FlyLady system to keep my life in control. Between the day job and my writing, it’s really easy for my entire household to tumble into an avalanche of chaos. FlyLady defines chaos as Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. Yep, exactly that kind of chaos.

When I can’t write, I use that system as well. She advocates the use of a timer to get things done. You can do anything in 15 minutes. So on those days when I absolutely can’t make myself sit down and write, I set the timer and focus for 15 minutes. After all, I can give my writing at least that, right? That’s usually all it takes too. Once I get going, I can write for a couple hours.

Anyway, thanks FlyLady for helping me keep my head together.

On another note, I got a couple reviews on Stealing the Bride. Here excerpts from both:

Brynn Paulin is an amazing author. Her talent is out of this world. Every story is sexy and fun to read with a bit of drama and a lot of passion. Stealing the Bride is another homerun by a first class author. This is a not to be missed story, by a never to be missed author. I can not wait to read whatever is in store for us next. (Kimberley ~ ecataromance)

Every bride gets jitters just before the big day but for Mara those discomfited feelings are more intense and she doesn’t quite understand why. Jacob and Daniel know that Marco is all wrong for her but they were afraid to approach her themselves. Her communion with nature trip gives them the perfect opportunity and provides readers with plenty of hot, sexy scenes to leave you a bit envious. Jacob and Daniel are absolutely loveable and there’s no doubt about their sincerity toward Mara. With STEALING THE BRIDE Brynn Paulin gives readers extremely likeable characters in a difficult situation that quickly spirals out of control but still maintains a humorous feel to the storyline. (Chrissy ~ Romance Junkies)

Huge thanks to both Kimberley and Chrissy!!!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having one of my books re-released. Boy Toys which was originally in the Brit Party anthology at Total-e-bound is now available as a single title from the same publisher. For those who might be unaware, this is a story connected to the Circle of Three series.
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Molly Daniels said...

Congrats on the reviews! Yup..used to do Flylady every day. Kind of slacked off the past two years...I need to get back to it!

Simone Anderson said...

Congratulations on the reviews! Heard of fly lady, but not the 15 minute deal - will have to implent that one.

Ashley Ladd said...

Please tell me where to find this Fly Lady.

Bronwyn Green said...

Oh Fly Lady, how I've forsaken thee...and you can tell by the shape of my house! Blech!!! Thanks for the push to start flying again. :)

Also, congrats on the awesome reviews!!!!!!!!!!

Anny Cook said...

Excellent review! Congratulations!