Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lost in Words

Forgive my lack of blogginess the last month or so. My writing has been focused in other areas. There’s lots happening and I ended up writing over 60,000 words in the last month.
First up, I had a new book come out yesterday. Stealing the Bride was released as part of Total-e-bound’s Summer Seduction collection. It’s a ménage, the only ménage in collection, I believe.

Here’s what it’s about:

Mara is about to marry the wrong man and everyone knows it. At the eleventh hour, her roommates, Daniel and Jacob, devise a plan to steal the bride and keep her to themselves…forever.

Next up, I finished Dragon’s Blood yesterday. This book will be released with Resplendence Publishing. My dragons are a shape-shifter/vampire mix and they’re in the middle of a war with their enemies, the Djinn and the Elvish. Here’s what it’s all about:

For centuries, there have been legends of Vampires—the fault of one careless dragon. But humans only know part of the story. Walking amongst us are Dragons—Shape-shifters who feed on blood.

Reluctant Dragon Elder Janos Aventech’s vacation in New York is about to come to an abrupt end. Riding on the subway, he stumbles across a Dragon mate—one of the few human women with whom his people can unite and be truly happy. And his people’s enemies are out to get her. As his attraction to this woman grows, he knows he must find her mate and see her safely into that man’s arms. It’s destined. But as every minute passes in her company, Janos begins to see he’ll never willingly let her go, mate or not. If only she were his mate…

On the subway, Scarlett couldn’t stop staring at him—then he turned crazy. When he essentially kidnaps her off the train, she knows she should be irate and terrified. Instead, she finds her initial attraction growing. But what’s all this stuff he’s spouting about mates and enemies? She only wants to return to her life, not get caught in the middle of a war. But it's too late for that. She’s destined for a Dragon’s bed, and in Janos’ arms, she can only hope it’s his.

Since I completed, Dragon’s Blood, I’m on to Forgotten Family. It’s my next book in the Circle of Three series, a m/m/f. This book is an emotional wringer. Here’s what it’s about:

They found happily ever after then one of them forgot.
Twelve years ago, Marina Cranston and her lovers Kyle Gerber and Marcus Byrnam founded the community of Cranston as a youthful flight of fancy. Young and idealistic, they wanted to have a place to share their love and reside with people who understood and lived the same lifestyle. Bliss was theirs with troubles staying outside Cranston’s gates. Until a year ago…

Tragedy struck in the loss of their child, and they’ve struggled to recover, but when Marina is in a car accident, she forgets they ever had a child. She forgets she ever had husbands in Kyle and Marcus. Now the trio must fight for a future. If they fail, the very bedrock of Cranston will be fractured, but the damage to their hearts will be even greater.

So, with Dragons done (for now), I needed to make a new play list for working on Forgotten Family. You know I'm gonna share.

Requiem for a Dream
Ring of Fire – Adam Lambert
Theme from 24
Angels Would Fall – Melissa Etheridge
I Swear – John Michael Montgomery
Crashed – Daughtry
At This Moment – Billy Vera and the Beaters
Theme from Beauty and the Beast (TV show)
Don’t Give Up – Josh Groban
Bella’s Lullaby – Twilight Soundtrack
Permanent – David Cook
Brand New Day – Forty Foot Echo
How Do I Live – Trisha Yearwood
Bridge Over Troubled Water – Clay Aiken
Just Let Me Cry – Ashlee Simpson
Close Every Door to Me – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Come Back to Me – David Cook
The Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
Now Comes the Night – Rob Thomas
Don’t Cry Out Loud – Linda Ronstadt
What About Now – Daughtry
Somebody – Depeche Mode
Nobody Knows It – Kevin Sharp
This Year’s Love – David Gray
You Belong to Me – Jason Wade
The Time of My Life – David Cook
Run To Me – Clay Aiken
In My Heaven – Bo Bice
It’s Not Over – Daughtry
I Will Be Here – Steven Curtis Chapman (side note: this was the unity candle song at my wedding)
Smile – Natalie Cole
I’m the Only One – Melissa Etheridge
Lonely in Your Nightmare – Duran Duran
Mad World – Adam Lambert
One – Michael Stipe
Remember – Josh Groban
Save a Prayer – Duran Duran

It’s gonna be moody around here for the next few days. Good thing everyone’s away at camp. I won’t have to explain if I get teary.


Bronwyn Green said...

I love me some tragic and you've got plenty going on with that playlist! :D

Congrats on the new release and finishing Dragon's Blood AND starting the new book! You're one busy chick!!!

Jen said...

ooh, that Circle of Three looks like a great premise. So glad you're able to start writing that one. Thanks for the playlist.

I can't wait to read Stealing the Bride too!


Leslie said...

Well, you sure have run the gammit with the play list.

Absolutely love Brothers Bound, Two Plus One, Master Me, etc. Can hardly wait for the new ones!!!

You have definitely been a busy, busy girl! You deserve it.

Anny Cook said...

Definitely sounds like you've been busy. I'm looking forward to the new stories.

Simone Anderson said...

Wow! What a playlist!
60K is great! I can't wait to read the new books! Congratulations on the new release!

Molly Daniels said...

How did DB premise come about?

And when you mentioned playlist, I wondered if 'Come Back To Me' would be one of the songs, lol:)

How about 'I Love the Way You Love Me' by JMM??

Congrats on the release!!!!