Saturday, May 9, 2009

Surviving Computer Disaster

Many of you know that a week ago I experienced a computer disaster. In a fluke split-second, part of a glass of tea got spilled on my laptop—right on the keyboard. It wasn’t much liquid, but it was enough. Yes, I freaked out. There was nothing I could do. My extended warranty didn’t cover water damage so I took the beautiful paperweight to my favorite repair place, Imperial Computers. Not to sound like a commercial, but these guys rock. The fact that I’m using my computer today is a miracle, but it’s completely because of them.

The damage...costly. Very. I toasted the keyboard, motherboard, and hard drive in one fell swoop. We didn’t find out about the hard drive until they installed the motherboard and the hard drive started smoking. AHHHHH!!!!! Thankfully, I didn’t lose much data.

I’ve survived this disaster because I keep my data on an external drive. That data is frequently backed up. While my laptop was out of commission for a week, I was able to resume work using other computers—whoever was willing to lend me theirs for a few hours at a time (thanks DH, thanks mom). I can’t stress enough to people “make backups”! Don’t keep all your data on your hard drive!

All in all, I lost very little. Most of the files on my hard drive were junk and my email. That hurts, losing all my email, but worse things have happened. I have gotten through this and am much the wiser. BOLD memo to me: No liquids near laptop. Ever.


Ashley Ladd said...

Hugs. As you know I've been having my own computer disasters. Mocha, the cat not the coffee, puked all over my desk top's keyboard. What we thought was a teensy weensy problem with my laptop (just a connector for the plug) turned out to be the entire mother board. At least I have my desk top back in commission but I really really really prefer to work on my laptop at Borders, the library, or my bedroom. I feel like I have a broken arm.

However, I'm inspired by your many upcoming releases to up my production. I've only got releases scheduled through August 09 I think, none into 10 yet. Yikes! I can't believe it's almost 2010. It seems like yesterday was Y2K when I was at this keyboard posting to food storage links and listening to my Mulan soundtrack.

Anny Cook said...

Thank goodness it wasn't worse. Glad for you!

Molly Daniels said...

When we got the new desk top, D laid down the law: No food, no drinks anywhere NEAR the keyboard!

I'll do the same with the laptop!

Mia Watts said...

Whew my editor is back in. Remember to send her some Lipton.