Monday, May 18, 2009

Five New Things

I think you need to try new things from time to time, and being who I am, I’ve decided to try five new things this month instead of just one. Hey why not? And some of them are easy.

1. I moved where I work. That’s right… I’ve made the giant step to the other side of the room. The other couch is better but the sunlight doesn’t glare of my computer screen anymore. I might actually migrate downstairs to my office next month.

2. I’ve started making desserts. You might think that’s not a good move, but thing is, it’s an enticement to get the family to want to eat at home. Granted, I have to cook more, but it’s better. And cheaper.

3. I started drinking. Yes. For real. I’ve had the occasional beer or mixed drink in the past, but my husband has started making me the most outstanding concoctions in the evening… And he makes the best pina coladas in town.

4. I’ve stopped procrastinating. I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow. Oops…

5. I’m trying out a new publisher. I have my first book with Resplendence Publishing coming out tomorrow. Very very excited about that. It’s an older woman, younger men ménage called Two Plus One.

Have fun! I’ll be back tomorrow talking about condoms and hemlines. Hmm…


Bronwyn Green said...

Five new things? Is this the part where I call you an overachiever? ;)

I could use a giant pina colada right now...does your husband make house calls?

Congrats on tomorrow's release! :D

Molly Daniels said...

Woo hoo! I got into the wine drinking habit over Christmas. Drank a glass in your honor a few mins ago!