Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dragon's Blood

Yesterday, I got my cover for Dragon's Blood, my next book with Resplendence Publishing. I love it! What do you think?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dinner Out With the Paulins

So the fam and I decided to go out to Chinese food last night. There was a bit of a language barrier. When we got there, he asked if we wanted a table or booth. We said, “Booth,” and he said, “Wait.” I swear he said wait. Then he looked at us like we were high when he got to the table and we weren’t behind him.

So he called across the restaurant, “This isn’t okay?”

At least, that’s what I think he said. At the table he asked what kind of drinks. My son asked for Dr. Pepper. That stumped the waiter. “Pepper?” he asks.

“Dr. Pepper,” I said.

“Pepper?” he repeats, still clearly stumped.

“Coke? He’ll have Coke,” I said.

Then it started. After we’re seated, my son told me, “Mom, read the placemat.”

“I’ve read it a billion times before,” I replied. I know I’m a rooster and I know I’m difficult and, as an erotic romance author, I’m also secretly amused that most of the traditional placemats list my sign as cock. Go me.

His brother, getting something I obviously hadn’t, examined the paper. “They spelled cycle c-y-e-a-l-e,” he informed me.

And the hunt began. Thirteen spelling errors on the placemat. This is what my family does. Eating sesame chicken. Proofreading placemats. Oy!

So I’m over at Writer’s Evolution today talking about my weaknesses. Typos might be one of them…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Week’s Soundtrack

It’s that time again—yes, Brynn couldn’t come up with a decent blog topic. As you might know, I create “soundtracks” to accompany my work and writing. Usually, it mirrors what I’m writing for the week. I’ll let you guess my writing subject this week. So here goes… My writing soundtrack, May 2009:

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Leave Out All the Rest – Linkin Park
I Caught Myself – Paramore
Bella’s Lullaby – Carter Burwell
Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas
I Cross My Heart – George Strait
Addicted – Saving Abel
Dragostea Din Tei – O-Zone
Mrs. Robinson – The Lemonheads
How Do I Live – Tricia Yearwood
This Year’s Love – David Gray
Lullaby – Dixie Chicks
Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
When You Say Nothing at All – Alison Krauss
Li Da Di (Sexual) - Amber
Losing My Religion – REM
Obsession – Animotion
Melt With You – Modern English
Mrs. Steven Rudy – Mark McGuinn
Like I Do – Melissa Etheridge
Please, Please, Please Let Me – The Smiths
Save a Prayer – Duran Duran
In Your Heaven – Carrie Underwood

Fun as usual…
~~ Brynn

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hemlines, Condoms, Books!!!

Guess what! Two Plus One is out today!!!! Yay! You can get it HERE. And here’s what it’s about:

College math teacher, Briony Swift, lives life on the straight and narrow. After all, one plus one always equals two. When two of her adult male students visit her office one afternoon, she soon discovers that one plus two might be a new and better equation to explore.

The amazing thing is that I managed to make Math sexy. I HATE Math, yet it totally worked for this book. And what woman wouldn’t love two younger guys totally in love with her.

Okay, so I promised condoms and hemlines. Here’s some trivia you might not know. What do they have in common? The economy. When the economy nosedives, condom sales skyrocket. Hmm… Cheap birth control. Good insurance against high medical bills. Makes sense. On the other hand, when the economy tanks, hemlines on skirts drop too. The better the economy, the higher the hemlines. Interesting. It could be that birth control thing again… It could be that the stress of money makes women less interested in sex and attracting a man for it. In a way, I’m kinda surprised. I mean, sex is still something we can do free—at least, for most of us. I’d think in a poor economy that people would be doing it more. Thoughts and theories?

Let me know!
~~ Brynn

Monday, May 18, 2009

Five New Things

I think you need to try new things from time to time, and being who I am, I’ve decided to try five new things this month instead of just one. Hey why not? And some of them are easy.

1. I moved where I work. That’s right… I’ve made the giant step to the other side of the room. The other couch is better but the sunlight doesn’t glare of my computer screen anymore. I might actually migrate downstairs to my office next month.

2. I’ve started making desserts. You might think that’s not a good move, but thing is, it’s an enticement to get the family to want to eat at home. Granted, I have to cook more, but it’s better. And cheaper.

3. I started drinking. Yes. For real. I’ve had the occasional beer or mixed drink in the past, but my husband has started making me the most outstanding concoctions in the evening… And he makes the best pina coladas in town.

4. I’ve stopped procrastinating. I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow. Oops…

5. I’m trying out a new publisher. I have my first book with Resplendence Publishing coming out tomorrow. Very very excited about that. It’s an older woman, younger men ménage called Two Plus One.

Have fun! I’ll be back tomorrow talking about condoms and hemlines. Hmm…

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Surviving Computer Disaster

Many of you know that a week ago I experienced a computer disaster. In a fluke split-second, part of a glass of tea got spilled on my laptop—right on the keyboard. It wasn’t much liquid, but it was enough. Yes, I freaked out. There was nothing I could do. My extended warranty didn’t cover water damage so I took the beautiful paperweight to my favorite repair place, Imperial Computers. Not to sound like a commercial, but these guys rock. The fact that I’m using my computer today is a miracle, but it’s completely because of them.

The damage...costly. Very. I toasted the keyboard, motherboard, and hard drive in one fell swoop. We didn’t find out about the hard drive until they installed the motherboard and the hard drive started smoking. AHHHHH!!!!! Thankfully, I didn’t lose much data.

I’ve survived this disaster because I keep my data on an external drive. That data is frequently backed up. While my laptop was out of commission for a week, I was able to resume work using other computers—whoever was willing to lend me theirs for a few hours at a time (thanks DH, thanks mom). I can’t stress enough to people “make backups”! Don’t keep all your data on your hard drive!

All in all, I lost very little. Most of the files on my hard drive were junk and my email. That hurts, losing all my email, but worse things have happened. I have gotten through this and am much the wiser. BOLD memo to me: No liquids near laptop. Ever.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Winners

I've picked the winners of my big spring contest! Here they are:

First: Silver Pixies! You've won a print copy of Brotherly Bonds, the 2008 EC card deck, the 2009 EC card deck, and my RT promo pack all delivered in this year's RT bag.

Second: Delane (daldefam)! You've won a print copy of Brit Party, the 2008 EC card deck, the 2009 EC card deck, and my RT promo pack.

Third: Andrea D. (Andrea1004) and Theresa (PinkTee25)! You've won the 2008 EC card deck, the 2009 EC card deck, and my RT promo pack.

You'll all be getting some goodies from other authors as well. Congrats!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Editor, New Adventure

Due to changes in my old Ellora’s Cave editor’s life, I’ve been moved to a new editor as of last week. I like my old editor. She’s great, but I’m excited. I’ve been moved to the first editor I had at that house. And she’s really great, too.

Quite a few people got moved to various editors. Things like this happen. It’s the way of publishing houses. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the wonderful group of authors with whom I was grouped, I’m not upset. Instead I’m looking at the change as a new adventure, rife with new opportunities—not too many. After all, it’s still the same house and house rules apply.

It’s ironic really. This change comes just as I’m ramping up my books for Ellora’s Cave. Many of my projects have been in la-la-land while I’ve fulfilled contractual obligations to other publishers.

I do have a book in the works at the Cave right now. Recently, a new story called Tuesday Afternoons was accepted. The release date is still to be determined, but I think it will be this year. I've also just contracted a new book with Resplendence Publishing. The book is called Heart of Ice and will be in the Not Quite Wicked anthology.

If you get a chance, pop over to Writer's Evolution today. This week, we're talking about Why We're Writers.