Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Decked Out

I got my card decks from Ellora’s Cave yesterday. They’re really nice. When I get back from RT, I’ll be giving away a few decks as prizes. Stay tuned.

So I re-started my list keeping yesterday. It’s amazing how comforting a list is to a list-keeper. I know I do a lot everyday, but until I see those lined out tasks, I just feel like I’m getting nothing done. Weird? Yes, I know.

I’ve managed to get Bronwyn hooked on my hot-boy addiction today. She says she may never work again. I’ll let her know eventually that there are only four seasons available…I didn’t want to see her cry. And, Kelly… Jonesing? Please. I’m watching season four at the moment, so no, I’m not done. But I have the back episodes, so no shakes, lol. But once that’s done, I might have to work in some time for some fan-fic writing. I might even have to MarySue.

No real writing news today. I’m just working on prep for RT and getting ready for a trip to Chicago tomorrow. We’re visiting the museum of Science and Industry for a day trip. Should be fun. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.


Anny Cook said...

Love the museum of Science and Industry. We used to go there several times a year when we lived in Chicago. Kinda miss it now. Have a good time at RT!

Molly Daniels said...

Say hello to the dollhouse for me? I've not been up there since I was 10:)

Maybe next year I'll get to RT.

Caley Greene said...

Have fun at RT! Hope Chicago was fun.

THe last deck of playing cards were awesome.