Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simply Chatty

Regarding yesterday’s post, I was glad to see I’m not hanging way out there on a limb when it comes to venom-blogging. Thanks to everyone who commented.

So how do you like my shiny new blog? Yes, I know it’s been evolving for weeks now, but I think I’m finally happy with it. The daisies and the hope of spring remain. It’s especially pretty to me whenever I look outside at the nasty snow. Ick. We’re just shy of 100 inches for the season. I’ve had about enough. But what’s worse is the temperatures. Besides fluctuating like a pendulum, on the down swing we’ve been hitting some freeze your hiney off numbers. Tomorrow morning, when I take the kids to school, it’s supposed to be a lovely 6 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not as cold as it’s been. A few weeks ago, we hit double digits negative.

In a random swing of topic…what does citizenship mean to you? As I’ve mentioned many times before on my blog, I’m the Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop. I’m also the instructor for several badges including the three citizenship badges (world, nation and community). Next week, I’ll start teaching citizenship in the nation. So what does it mean to you?

For the record the other badges I teach are family life, theater and photography. I’ll probably be adding genealogy this year as well. In other off-beat trivia I was also once a radio DJ. Dakota yelled at me yesterday because I don’t mention these things. So there, I have. LOL.

I’ve gotten firm dates for two upcoming releases. I’ve posted them on the Upcoming Releases section to the top left. I’ve also received to great reviews: One for All Chained Up and one for Gentle Control. Both were from Amelia at Joyfully Reviewed. I was sad. I only got one bunny on each… (that’s a joke. There’s not a bunny rating system). Anyway…

All Chained Up:

All Chained Up starts with a bang, and doesn’t let up until the last page of the book. I feel in love with Keera, who faced not only losing her parents but putting up with her brother, who was a royal jerk. Theo is the perfect Dom for her, strong and knowledgeable. And very creative. His use of chains, and other instruments, had me squirming at times.

This novella features characters from Paulin’s previous novels, which I have not read. But that didn’t stop my enjoyment of All Chained Up. It is a well-written, well-researched tale of BDSM that will keep lovers of the genre entranced.

Gentle Control:

Gentle Control is a great addition to the Torrid Tarot line, and to Ms. Paulin’s books on the Cress brothers. I enjoyed the chance to get to know Josh better, especially his pieced, um, you know. His style of domming was wonderfully portrayed, and he and Tempest are perfect together. I especially enjoyed the ending, where Tempest really comes into her own.

Fans of BDSM will enjoy Gentle Control. Although this novella can be read as a stand alone, reading the other books, either before or after this one, will heighten your enjoyment of this book.

Overall, a lovely day.



Kelly Kirch said...

I lurve daisies. Some of my mostest favorite flowers.

Scott used to be a DJ and I used to get asked out by DJs all the time. Always wanted to give it a go, but I'm not that sultry. ;)

Bronwyn Green said...

Congrats on the great reviews!

Dakota Rebel said...

LMAO. Yes, DJ trivia IS important. Everyone should know these things, that's all I'm saying.

Venom blogging can be fun. It's tension relieving and gives us the opportunity to fight back when inundated with weird ass insults.

Ah well. I love the blog. Thanks for helping with mine too.


Molly Daniels said...

I like the look! I'm thinking I need to change mine...getting tired of the Pepto-Bismal pink. Email me off loop and give me some pointers, please??? I've noticed when I click back to mine sometimes the eyes take a while to focus...

And yay on the reviews! As you know, GC was my fav of the series!