Saturday, February 7, 2009

Personality Tests

So I had to take a personality test yesterday for a class I’m taking today. The results weren’t a huge surprise. The surprise was that the test is a new incarnation of a test I took ten years ago. The results were the same. Shocker. So later today, I’ll be faced with the instructor telling me I can’t possibly be this personality type, because it’s rare and conflicted. I figure since I got the same results on a test taken so many years apart, it’s probably accurate. The instructor then pegged it pretty well: Do you fight with yourself all the time?

Well, yes. I do. A lot.

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of personality tests. Ironically, many of those people believe in astrological signs, Chinese horoscopes, numerology, magazine quizzes or any number of arbitrary things that ‘determine’ a person’s mode of behavior. Is saying certain people act in a particular way because they were born in March any different than saying you have a certain personality type and therefore you act this way? I don’t think so. Actually with a personality test you have less “predestination” so to speak.

So…my point. Apparently, I’m a leader type. Anyone shocked? I value intelligence. I’m peeved by idiocy. Again, surprised? I’m…well, let’s say particular. I’m opinionated. I research until my head aches just so that I know I’m RIGHT. The test pretty much said all that. Anyone who knows me will say that’s dead on. The nice thing is the results also showed how I temper those hard line items listed above with loyalty and humor and a few other things--and my goodness, they certainly do need tempering. When I’m in a foul mood, they could cut a ten-foot-wide swath through a throng of people. Not good. But I know it and I try to rein it in on most days—you know, unless I get ticked off.

We all of our flaws…and our super powers. It's good information to have. How better to get to where you're going than to know yourself?


Kelly Kirch said...

LOL!! Yep sounds like it pegged you. :) You do know those hard line edges aren't bad things, right? Maybe the urge to be right all the time because I live with one of those but on the other hand, if I need info, I know who to ask.

Smut Girl said...

Is it one of those INFP things? Because I am an INFP. And apparently we INFP people are pretty rare. So then the whole staff of the high school stared at us like we had fallen to earth from the heavens. Sadly, I cannot remember what INFP stands for other than Introverted...(neurotic, fucked up and perverted????)
sorry. it is late.:)