Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Big Laugh

I’ve gotta tell you, I had a great laugh today. I occasionally read a particular blog and it’s hilarious. I used to be a regular reader but found I didn’t have time for such acrimonious drivel. The blogger doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. I absolutely love it because she tries to be all opinionated and all she manages to do is make a blathering fool out of herself.

What gets me is that she thinks that she can say hurtful things about people and it’s okay. Since when is that okay for decent human beings? It angers me and I stop laughing when this person starts hurting people—some of them people I know and like. I get especially angry when what she says is untrue because she has no clue in the world about the situations in which these people live or what they think or what they really do.

Speak up and give me a BIG amen if you know exactly the kind of blog I’m talking about. Tell me exactly how you feel about it, because trust me, I REALLY want your opinion and I’m not afraid to hear it.


Bronwyn Green said...


I know exactly the kind of blog you're talking about. What cracks me up is if someone dares to disagree with people like that, instead they become instantly offended and take it as a personal attack. I'm so tired of bloggers with superiority complexes who get off on being judgmental of everyone around them - not to mention hateful.

So yeah, you get a big AMEN, sister!

Carol Lynne said...

Really? I can actually tell you what I think? I can have an opinion
and actually tell you about it? Cool! I wish all blogs were like that.

Molly Daniels said...

If it's the one I think you're talking about, YES! This blogger claims to love differing opinions until one hits too close to home.

It made me gun-shy in my early blogging days, and I'm still wary of voicing any controversial opinions.

Kelly Kirch said...

Oh, BRYNN!!! You even left your comment box option open for REAL LIVE COMMENTS!

It's fascinating that some individuals want you to have an opinion, ask questions of you on their blog, but then don't give you the forum. Rather Stepfordian, dontcha think? I mean, someone who tells you what to do but says you shouldn't do what you're told to do in the same breath amazes me.

And then again there's the whole, everyone has a valid opinion front UNLESS it's not hers. Golly gee. Heaven forbid I should actually disagree and therefore bring down blogger hades on my head. I'm ever so terribly scared. What shall I do against such horrendous wrath. Oh dread. Oh fear. Oh shiver. To make such a blogger unhappy must be the worst of curses.

Whatev. Can't respect someone like that. Won't respect someone like that. Have no interest in being infected by the toxicity of someone like that. I know. I'll pray for her. She'd appreciate that surely. Why? Because I UNDERSTAND how her kind thinks. ;)

Dakota Rebel said...

LMAO Kelly. Stepfordian? Is that really a word?

In defense of those of us who are a little Stepford I have to say there is nothing wrong with keeping a clean house, making dinner for your husband, and not allowing others to think differently than you do without throwing a fit to rival that of a four year old at KMart.

Let's all try to remember that while having an opinion is important, and asking others to speak up is an internet given right...you are not in any way required to give them the forum to ACTUALLY share their opinions with you.


Dakota Rebel

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Mean people suck. It's a simple as that. Blogging just gives them a stage on which to do it publicly.

Kelly Kirch said...

:) Hey Dakota. Was using a direct reference to the blog in question. But alas you are correct in that it was used outside of the meaning.

Don't all authors have the right to create new words? Could have sworn..... ah, well.

anny cook said...

Feel free to comment at my blog. I always like to see what people have to say.

Ashley Ladd said...

Try dealing with it face to face. There's one person at work in particular who's this way. She always talks about everyone behind their back, including her "friends", but no one had better say a word she doesn't like or there'll be hell to pay.

You also have me wondering who this is???