Friday, January 23, 2009

STOP!!! Writing Rant Beyond This Point!!!

Right now, I’m supposed to be working on my book. I told everyone I was…turned off email, turned off IM, turned phone to ignore. Sigh. My characters hate me. That must be it. All I want them to do is to have sex. How hard is that? Seriously. I mean, SOME things ARE hard as they’re supposed to be, but can they find slot A, B, C, D, or E? No! (Yes, this is a ménage)

They just have no interest. They’ve been in foreplay mode for a week and a half. Geez! They should be in a sex-induced coma by now. Nope. Nada. Not a thing. So I blasted forward and wrote the next scene until I got to the sex again. Still, they’re resistant. The heroine could practically star in Nuns Having Fun. And the heroes. What kind of bi-sexual men are they? They’re men who hate me, that’s the answer.

If it wasn’t for the fact I need to turn in this story…oh 20 days ago, I’d deep-six the whole thing.


Bronwyn Green said...

I'm so sorry they're being so obstinate and craptastic. :(

I'm assuming you've tried your usual methods of character coercion?

Hey! You guys! Snap out of it! Start cooperating with Brynn - NOW!!!

(not sure if the scolding will help, but I thought it probably couldn't hurt at this point. :(

barbara huffert said...

Cake...they need cake. And you, of course, have to eat it for them. Guaranteed to help.

Dakota Rebel said...

I hate when that happens. Grrr...I am utterly indignant on your behalf.

I hope that they started cooperating by now. I'm a few days late on the commenting.