Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dakota Rebel – Making the Dentist Tolerable

Yes, you read that right. Dakota Rebel made today’s dentist appointment quite tolerable. While I was firmly ensconced in the waiting area reading my favourite Dakota Rebel book on my cell phone, my son was getting his teeth cleaned. Unbeknownst to me, the hygienist is a Dakota look alike. My son said to me on the way home: I wasn’t scared letting her mess with my teeth because the teeth cleaning lady looks like Dakota and it made me feel not scared.

So there you have it. Dakota Rebel-the cure for dental fear.

I’m over at Writer’s Evolution today with my list of top ten writing books. Check it out!


Bronwyn Green said...

All right...that's it! I'm totally switching dentists. I'd feel a lot better about going if I could pretend it was Dakota! :)

Dakota Rebel said...

LMAO. Y'all are crazy. But I'm glad that I can take some credit for easing dental anguish. :D

Dakota Rebel

Ashley Ladd said...

Dakota will be the best seller of all time if she can make the dentist visit all better.

Molly Daniels said...

Regina really needs to move up there with you:)

Dakota Rebel said...

Damn Ashley, that's a great idea. I wonder if I could legally market myself that way.

"Dakota Rebel - Making the Dentist not so bad since 2009"


Dakota Rebel

KellyMarstad said...

LOL!! Dakota's powers reach far and wide.