Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SEXTRAVAGANZA: Kaenar Langford

Welcome Kaenar Langford!!!!

I'm thrilled to welcome Kaenar Langford to my blog for an SEXTRAVAGANZA as she tells us all about her experiences at the Everything To Do With Sex Show. Sit Back and enjoy!

Thanks so much to my dear friend Brynn who gave me a venue to share my photos and thoughts from The Everything To Do With Sex Show. This amazing show takes place every October in Toronto and is a not-to-be missed event. This past weekend I spent two full days there touring the displays and attending seminars with fellow writer Savannah Chase. The only thing missing was some great authors selling their erotic romance novels. Maybe next year.

I could not believe the wonderful outfits people had on. There were cowgirls to schoolgirls, devils to doms. A great opportunity to flaunt your fetish.

Eat me:
Oh yeah, there were some great food ideas. I loved the chocolate covered penises which were made from half a banana and a strawberry on a stick. They looked and tasted delicious. The woman who runs Cake Star makes amazing delights. Look at the photos of the cock cake and the corset cake. She really is a culinary genius. I wish genius rhymed with penis. Penius Genius?Sex Aids:
Some very interesting ways to tone your body, boost your sex life or play by yourself.
Pole dancing classes? Yes ma’am. Good way to get some exercise and play with your partner at the same time. Check out Sammi’s Secret and The Love Machine for those times when nobody’s around but you. I love the Sexercise Ball-what a way to get fit!

Body Art:
There were some amazing artists at the show using the human body as their canvas. All the people below are wearing something painted on their body, either a corset, mask or dress. They are incredible.

Lady Viktoria:
Lady Victoria is a sex educator and sex toy confidante. Her burlesque show was wonderful. She showed the harried businessman how to relieve his stress at the end of a busy day. I have to admit that he didn’t seem to be relaxing-quite the opposite.
Whips, tattoos, sexy undies and the shaggin’ wagon:
Cassity used the whips as an extension of her body. The audience held its breath each time she flicked them. Love the garter tattoo. Check out the World’s Sexiest Underwear and the shaggin’ wagon.

Wicked-Toronto’s First and Only Hedonistic Club:
Anything goes at Wicked. Whatever your fantasy, whatever your desire: make it happen at Wicked- Where it’s Good to be Naughty.

Kaenar’s day:
Well, Kaenar had a pretty busy day. In fact two busy days. I went to the show to try to do some research for writing and decided I should really immerse myself in the milieu and find out what I could while I was there. So I got flogged. Yes sir, you heard me correctly, I got flogged. Not something I would want to do on a daily basis, but I certainly have a better understanding of why people like BDSM so much. Luckily no photos were allowed in The Dungeon area so I don’t have any to show you of my flogging.

I do have a photo of me with the women from Fantasia who helped me spend the $100 I won in one of the goody tosses from the stage. I didn’t have any trouble spending the money in a sex store. It was way too much fun. I had my own personal assistants helping me disperse my new found wealth.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show is an amazing venue with something for everyone. It’s a feast for the senses and I can’t wait for next year. Thanks so much for letting me have this guest spot on your blog, Brynn.

Kaenar Langford is a writer of erotic romance with Ellora’s Cave and Total-e-Bound publishers. Look for her newest release, Absolute Trust, coming November 28. That’s the next book in her Prime Prey series. Follow the bounty hunters of the star cruiser The Renegade in this sexy ménage a trois.

Check out Indulge Me appearing January 5 in Naughty Nooners, an anthology of gay stories from Total-e-Bound.


Savannah Chase said...

I had a blast with you at the show. It was a ton of fun and we got to see and do so much....Looking forward to our next adventure together....

Lisabet Sarai said...

God, I'm so jealous, Kaenar! What a fun time, and your pix are great. Oh, and of course you know that it's all tax deductible, right? (at least in the U.S. - are you Canadian? Probably there, too - Canadians are always reasonable!)

Kim Dare said...

Great pics Kaenar! Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Glad you enjoyed your flogging too - you can't beat a bit of BDSM to make a great day perfect ;)

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Love it! I swear, next time I'm driving over there and coming with you!

Jan Springer said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my!!!

TO is only an hour away from me. *evil grin* I'll be sure to hit it next year.

Wowsa! Thanks for the pics and info, Kaenar. They are fantabulous!!!

Jan, a fellow TEB and EC author :-)

Molly Daniels said...

Great pics! I wonder how I'd look in the white dress (2nd photo)??

Anny Cook said...

Verrrrry interesting. Wow what a show.

kaenar said...

Hey Savannah,
That was such a blast. I'm enjoying the posts on your blog as well. What will we do next?

kaenar said...

Hey Lisabet,
It was amazing. A real opportunity to see and experience a lot of stuff you would never have an opportunity to be part of. Yes, I'm Canadian eh. We may be laid back, but it seems we have a very naughty side too.

kaenar said...

Hey Kim,
I knew you'd pick up on the flogging. It was pretty intense. Glad you liked the pics. The venue was so oddly lit that it was hard to take decent photos.

kaenar said...

Hey Cindy,
Yes ma'am. You need to make the trek next time. Hopefully there'll be no snow and we can have a ball.

kaenar said...

Hey Jan,
I'm so delighted to see your name. I'm still not sure where you live but I suspect we're not too far from each other. It's an amazing venue. Will I see you there next year?

kaenar said...

Hey Molly,
The white dress is amazing eh. She was about as big around as a pencil. Do you like white?

kaenar said...

Hey Anny,
It was quite an event. I wish all my RT friends could have been there so we could have had fun together. It was that kind of an event where you kept thinking,"Oh, I wish so and so were here. They'd love this."

Ashley Ladd said...

Wow! What pics. Hubby couldn't believe the cock cake. Looks like you had FUN. Thanks for the pics, Ms. Reporter.

Emma Petersen said...

Hey Kaenar! It looks like an awesome event and from the sound of it you had a great time. :) I'll definitely have to check it out next year.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the blog and the pics!

Being a Toronto area resident I have been to the sex show before and it is always a great time. But something struck your blog you refer to Wicked as Toronto's "First and Only Hedonistic Club". Is that how they advertised themselves there? Because that...bothers me. It's simply not true.

There are no less than...let me see...SIX Lifestyle (aka Swinger or Hedonistic) clubs in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto is more than a a little naughty, it seems! Wicked is the most "public" of the clubs. But hardly the only.'s not even the first.

I hope you'll pardon the anonymous post, but my knowledge of such things could prove...uh...awkward. ;-)

Ashlyn Chase said...

LOL. Go Kaenar!


kaenar said...

Hey Ashley,
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment. You made your poor hubby look at the photos! Mr. Big, the cake, was awe inspiring. Can't wait for next year.

kaenar said...

Hey Emma,
It really was amazing. Everything you wanted to know about was right there and you could ask questions to your heart's content.

kaenar said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and post a comment. I really appreciate that.
Wicked's web page refers to Wicked as Toronto's "First and Only Hedonistic (on premise) Club". I didn't put in the 'on premise', but the rest was directly from their site. I'm sorry if this isn't accurate and thank you for letting me know. And you're right-Toronto is more than a bit naughty.
Maybe I'll see you at next year's show and please feel free to get hold of me at

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize. Not your fault! I had no idea their website made such a boast. Might have to challenge Shlomo (the owner) on that one!

I do hope to make the show next year. I'll be sure to look for you. ;-)

kaenar said...

I would love to meet you next year at the show. That would be fun. But you wouldn't be anonymous anymore, at least not to me. LOL
I'm going to put a link here in case you'd like to read the article I wrote about my trip to Spa Excess, the largest gay spa in Toronto. It's an interesting read.
Looking forward to hearing from you again,