Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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You know what? I have a book coming out next Monday. Phantoms' Pleasure is the second "official" book in the Circle of Three series. It's also the longest book I've written in about a year. I've gotten awfully used to writing shorter books. The next five books I have planned are all longer, so I guess it's time to break that habit.

I have to I had the most difficult time writing this book. You have to plot in a different way, I guess a bigger way, to do a longer book. I've mentioned before that I use the hero's journey to plot, or maybe I should call it ' relaxed hero's journey. It's really valuable to my process. Most of the time, I use it to double check that my story arc is working. Other times, like with this book, I actually use my hero's journey stroy board and write out the main points of my plot. When I'm hitting walls, nothing works better than knowing the points of destination. It's like being a tourist and following a map. You know where you're going but you're not sure what you'll see once you get there.

With Phantoms' Pleasure, it was very much like that. I was following the map. I thought I knew my characters, I'd reached my second destination and BAM!!!! One of my heroes (this is a menage book) reaches over and grabs the other hero and kisses him. Turns out they were keeping a secret from me. I knew they lived together and had been friends since college. I knew about their families and backgrounds. I did NOT know they had a long-term sexual relationship. It made all the difference in this book. Here's an excerpt from the morning after their first night with the heroine:

EXCERPT (caution adult material):

“Okay, so we were spontaneous and went with the flow and it sucked,” Garrett complained as he stared at the coffeemaker and watched dark liquid drip into the pot.

“It didn’t suck,” Chay replied as he clicked away on his laptop, checking their investments as he did every morning. It had been his idea to be more spontaneous. As a banker, things were pretty much mapped out in his life. Some people in his field liked that. While Chay liked his job, when he thought about it, he found much of his existence boring. He’d fallen into habits that were so predictable people could tell time by his movements.

“No, being with Jahz didn’t suck at all, but this morning does.”

Chay frowned. Yeah, it did suck. Not only was Jahz gone when they’d woken but she’d left town. He hadn’t thought the sex was that bad. It had been spectacular. Then what…?

She was scared. That had to be it.

Getting up, he went to the fridge and grabbed a frozen breakfast from the wide selection in the freezer. After prepping it and shoving it into the microwave, he turned to Garrett. “I guess she wasn’t the girl for us.”

Damn, that hurt to admit. Neither he nor Garrett were much for random fuckings. Jahz had struck a chord with both of them.

“Man, you know that’s not true,” Garrett replied.

“Why, because your Byrnam gypsy blood says so?”

His friend stared at him, his lips turning white around the edges as he struggled to contain his anger. Without a word, he slammed down his cup on the counter and left the kitchen.

Well, shit. Way to rack up the points, Chay. He closed his eyes and pressed his hand over his face. Just what he needed. Pissing off his best friend. His day just couldn’t be much better.

* * * *

“Look man, I’m an asshole.”

Garrett looked up from his drafting board. “Yeah, you are.”

Chay sighed, but Garrett wasn’t feeling charitable. That little dig in the kitchen ticked him off. They both knew Garrett wasn’t particularly fond of his heritage and the way it sometimes poked its way into his life. They also both knew that he’d never been wrong. Ever. Waking up to find Jahz had hightailed it outta town had shocked the hell out of him.

“Could you throw me a bone here? I’m trying to say I’m sorry.”

He picked up the bottle of water he’d gotten from his mini-fridge and took a long drink while he glared at Chay, then deliberately turned back to his project.

“I thought you said nothing was pressing,” Chay growled.

“It’s not.”

“Then will you fucking talk to me?”


“You know what? Fine. I said I’m sorry, but you’re a jerk.” Chay spun and left the room.

“Hey!” Jumping off his stool he followed Chay. Grabbing him by the arm, he turned him back and yanked him against his chest. “Don’t call me a jerk and storm away.”

“Jerk,” Chay repeated, this time with a glint in his eyes.

“I’ll give you a jerk,” Garrett threatened. His hand thrust into Chay’s hair, and he dragged his mouth forward for a kiss. “Let’s skip coffee and go sit in the hot tub for a while.”


“Well, I didn’t say where.” He pulled Chay’s hand over the thick bulge of his erection where it strained against his pants. “I’m sure you’ll find an acceptable seat.”

Chay dropped to his knees and pulled open Garrett’s pants. “I’m sure I will. Hmm…free-balling, I see,” he commented as Garrett’s erection popped out.

“All the better to fuck you with, my dear,” he quipped.

“I thought you were a phantom not a wolf.” Leaning forward, Chay pressed his tongue to the head of Garrett’s cock. Garrett groaned as fire leapt through him. His partner could always get him going with a few torrid licks.

“That was yesterday. Today, I might just start howling,” he managed, as Chay took him deep, looking up at him with soulful brown eyes as if worshiping him. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of Chay’s mouth nearly undid him as did the burning sensations shooting through him. “Oh God, Chay, that feels good.”



Dakota Rebel said...

I WANT!!!!! Another fantastic Brynn book. Hooray!


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Congrats on your upcoming release, Brynn! Loved the excerpt.

I've been on an opposite path as far as book length lately. The last couple of books I wrote were over 100k. I really loved the stories but the time involved in writing, researching and deadlines just about burned me out.

My latest release, as well as two others coming soon, are much shorter, giving me a chance to breathe a little before going back to being terribly verbose. LOL

Molly Daniels said...

This sounds great!

anny cook said...

About time...

Ashley Ladd said...

Isn't it something when our characters tell us new things about themselves?

Great excerpt.