Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Hey! Who ordered the pizza?

It's going to be a fun day at my house today. We're making some halloweeen candy and cookies. The kids decided not to go out but I'm wearing my vampire costume today.

Today's a writing day. I plan to pump out a few thousand words on my next Cress book. I'm so excited to get back to it. There might be some dressing up there--but not for Halloween. I'm thinking...leather.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SEXTRAVAGANZA: Kaenar Langford

Welcome Kaenar Langford!!!!

I'm thrilled to welcome Kaenar Langford to my blog for an SEXTRAVAGANZA as she tells us all about her experiences at the Everything To Do With Sex Show. Sit Back and enjoy!

Thanks so much to my dear friend Brynn who gave me a venue to share my photos and thoughts from The Everything To Do With Sex Show. This amazing show takes place every October in Toronto and is a not-to-be missed event. This past weekend I spent two full days there touring the displays and attending seminars with fellow writer Savannah Chase. The only thing missing was some great authors selling their erotic romance novels. Maybe next year.

I could not believe the wonderful outfits people had on. There were cowgirls to schoolgirls, devils to doms. A great opportunity to flaunt your fetish.

Eat me:
Oh yeah, there were some great food ideas. I loved the chocolate covered penises which were made from half a banana and a strawberry on a stick. They looked and tasted delicious. The woman who runs Cake Star makes amazing delights. Look at the photos of the cock cake and the corset cake. She really is a culinary genius. I wish genius rhymed with penis. Penius Genius?Sex Aids:
Some very interesting ways to tone your body, boost your sex life or play by yourself.
Pole dancing classes? Yes ma’am. Good way to get some exercise and play with your partner at the same time. Check out Sammi’s Secret and The Love Machine for those times when nobody’s around but you. I love the Sexercise Ball-what a way to get fit!

Body Art:
There were some amazing artists at the show using the human body as their canvas. All the people below are wearing something painted on their body, either a corset, mask or dress. They are incredible.

Lady Viktoria:
Lady Victoria is a sex educator and sex toy confidante. Her burlesque show was wonderful. She showed the harried businessman how to relieve his stress at the end of a busy day. I have to admit that he didn’t seem to be relaxing-quite the opposite.
Whips, tattoos, sexy undies and the shaggin’ wagon:
Cassity used the whips as an extension of her body. The audience held its breath each time she flicked them. Love the garter tattoo. Check out the World’s Sexiest Underwear and the shaggin’ wagon.

Wicked-Toronto’s First and Only Hedonistic Club:
Anything goes at Wicked. Whatever your fantasy, whatever your desire: make it happen at Wicked- Where it’s Good to be Naughty.

Kaenar’s day:
Well, Kaenar had a pretty busy day. In fact two busy days. I went to the show to try to do some research for writing and decided I should really immerse myself in the milieu and find out what I could while I was there. So I got flogged. Yes sir, you heard me correctly, I got flogged. Not something I would want to do on a daily basis, but I certainly have a better understanding of why people like BDSM so much. Luckily no photos were allowed in The Dungeon area so I don’t have any to show you of my flogging.

I do have a photo of me with the women from Fantasia who helped me spend the $100 I won in one of the goody tosses from the stage. I didn’t have any trouble spending the money in a sex store. It was way too much fun. I had my own personal assistants helping me disperse my new found wealth.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show is an amazing venue with something for everyone. It’s a feast for the senses and I can’t wait for next year. Thanks so much for letting me have this guest spot on your blog, Brynn.

Kaenar Langford is a writer of erotic romance with Ellora’s Cave and Total-e-Bound publishers. Look for her newest release, Absolute Trust, coming November 28. That’s the next book in her Prime Prey series. Follow the bounty hunters of the star cruiser The Renegade in this sexy ménage a trois.

Check out Indulge Me appearing January 5 in Naughty Nooners, an anthology of gay stories from Total-e-Bound.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update on Goings On

I'm on the Oh Grip A Grip blog today. This week we're talking about writer's offices. If you want to see where I work, take a peek.

DO NOT miss tomorrow on my blog!! Kaenar Langford will be visiting for a fantastic Sextravaganza as she tells us about the Everything About Sex Show she visited recently. There will be pictures galore. This one just shouldn't be missed.

Have you noticed? I have a recommended read of the week now listed on the right hand side of the blog. This week is Kama Sutra for Lovers by Anny Cook (click on the book over there to link to the book's site). This one is a hot, hot treat. Check it out. I'll be listing my recommended reads there every week. In case you missed past reads, they were: Stone and Sea by Cindy Spencer Pape, Duet in Love by JP Bowie, and Overlord's Vessel by Bronwyn Green.

So what's up with me. Nothing much besides work work work. But you wanna know something cool. I will have three weeks next month that will be nothing but writing. I'm so excited. I just can't wait!

My son from the I'm Buying a Big Bat post IM'd me...yes IM'd, even though he was in the same room. He didn't want to say it out loud. Anyway, he IM'd to say "I got my first kiss yesterday. Not from you." I'm pleased to report I didn't flip out. We calmly discussed it and proper behavior at school. The ensuing conversation included a discussion/reprimand for illegally setting up an email account and the coerced disclosure of said account's password. Yes, I am the meanest mom ever.

Back at it now...Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the Sextravaganza!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming soon: In the Dark (Brits in Time Anthology)

Next month on the 17th the Brits in Time anthology will be released from Total-e-bound. It will include my story: In the Dark. Cool, huh. Even better, we are having a Brits in Time contest right now. The first prize is a £10 gift certificate for Total-e-bound books. For info on entering, go here.


Born with a red blemish streaking her cheek, Katherine has been hidden her entire life. Even after her family perished in the plague, she did not emerge from behind the walls that protect her. With the help of a faithful servant, she is content to live as she’s been taught. However, her contentment ends when a band of men arrive to the castle in a cloud of dust. She’s horrified. And worried. And more than a little fascinated by the man who leads them, Calen the Black. While she spies on Calen from afar, her need to draw closer rages out of control until she sneaks to his room to experience his touch…for as long as they remain in the dark.


Northern Britain 1351

Panic rushed through Katherine Wolf, the only remaining member of Bryant the Wolf’s family, as she stared with astonishment through her window, high in one of the castle’s six towers. Along the road leading to her home, dust billowed into the sky—dust that was obviously coming from a band of oncoming riders. Moments later, eight black steeds carrying eight men came into sight. Four wore mail. Knights and their squires…

Katherine’s knees went weak.

No. They could not be coming here.

But they were.

She watched in horror as the horsemen galloped towards the front gate. They stopped as if considering entrance, and Katherine willed them to depart with all her being. Of course, it would not work. She was not a witch as some would suppose.

The rider who had been in the lead held up his hand, signalling to the others to stop. Deftly, he leapt from his horse and pulled off his helm. He shook his head, loosening the damp hair which had been trapped under the metal. Katherine sucked in a breath as his midnight hair splayed in the wind then settled upon his wide shoulders. His black cloak swirled about him, displaying equally black garments below. His beautiful face lifted upward as he surveyed her home.

She quickly stepped backward for fear he would see her watching him, though she was quite sure he would not be able to spy her. She pressed a hand to her middle. Men. Here at her home, the one place she had always felt safe.

Lifting her fingers to her face, she covered her cheek and the rose-coloured streak she had had since birth. Marked by the devil they said. She had been cursed to never set foot from this place or else be burned as a witch.

But what was she to do now?

The men would never find this hidden chamber constructed by her grandfather to hide his treasures. It was likely they would never find the hidden passages which gave her the run of the castle. She was rarely seen, but how long would that last before she accidentally stumbled upon one of the new inhabitants?

* * * *

Calen the Black stared up at the fortress he had been given as payment for his valiant services to Edward while in France. Payment? This fief was to be a punishment for his popularity in court. The King knew Calen would never undermine him, but he had still banished him here to Warg, the castle of death. Some claimed it was haunted and as he saw movement in one of the towers, he wondered at that claim. No matter. No spirit would stop him from possessing his new home and urging the lands to once again flourish.

The degradation he had seen on the ride to the castle had horrified him, but as in the rest of the land, the people had fled—or died—leaving the fields unattended. How much more so here with no lord to oversee them. The entire family of Bryant the Wolf, including Bryant himself, had succumb to the Great Pestilence.

Calen set his jaw, surveying the grey stone structure set against the mountains. It was a modern sprawling construction with six towers reaching into the clouds. A jewel to possess and a nightmare to tame. The death of so many within its walls, victims to an untameable disease sent apprehension clawing across his back.

“She is a beauty,” Alaric, his highest ranking man and friend, commented as he moved to stand beside Calen. Calen realised belatedly that his companions had also dismounted as he had stood there.

“Aye. She is.”

“What do you think of the King’s decree now?” Alaric asked.

“Clement. But he is well known for such.” He swallowed, not believing his words. Edward expected him to fail and perish here.

He would not.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Buying a Big Bat

I want to preface this by saying, I’ve always told my boys they cannot date until they’re sixteen. So yesterday, I’m in the car with my boys and my fourteen year old makes a phone call to his friend. He gets his friend’s sister. Here’s how it went down:

“Hey, who is this. Oh hi, A. Yeah he’s here.” Son 1 turns to son 2 and says “It’s your ex. She wants to talk to you.”

“Ex?” I choke. Apparently things go on at school that I have no clue about. Not only did son 2 have a girlfriend who is now in the past, but he has a new girlfriend. Son 2 who turned 12 today. So he has this relationship that takes place 100% at school. There aren’t phone calls. I’m home with them all of their before and after school hours. Yet he managed to sneak this by me at a school that doesn’t allow more public displays of affection than perhaps hand-holding or the really quick random hug.

My 12 year old…and this was the son I didn’t think I’d need to be concerned about when it comes to girls. Not for a while anyway.

All right, then.

Today, I get a call from him, he wants to go to the school dance. The student council (which he is a member of as his class rep) is decorating and then will get in for free. Okay. Hunky dory. I ask what he’s going to wear. “The shirt my girlfriend got me.”

Wait wait wait! What?

I let him go to the dance. The SUPERVISED dance. When I picked him up, a harem of girls meet him halfway across the parking lot and start hugging all over him. And he hugged them back. And I need a really big valium.


Congrats to Cynthia Petzen winner of the Things that Go Bump in the Night contest!! Your eBooks should all be on their way.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did you know...

...There's a contest afoot? Click here for the ghoulish details.

You know what? I have a book coming out next Monday. Phantoms' Pleasure is the second "official" book in the Circle of Three series. It's also the longest book I've written in about a year. I've gotten awfully used to writing shorter books. The next five books I have planned are all longer, so I guess it's time to break that habit.

I have to I had the most difficult time writing this book. You have to plot in a different way, I guess a bigger way, to do a longer book. I've mentioned before that I use the hero's journey to plot, or maybe I should call it ' relaxed hero's journey. It's really valuable to my process. Most of the time, I use it to double check that my story arc is working. Other times, like with this book, I actually use my hero's journey stroy board and write out the main points of my plot. When I'm hitting walls, nothing works better than knowing the points of destination. It's like being a tourist and following a map. You know where you're going but you're not sure what you'll see once you get there.

With Phantoms' Pleasure, it was very much like that. I was following the map. I thought I knew my characters, I'd reached my second destination and BAM!!!! One of my heroes (this is a menage book) reaches over and grabs the other hero and kisses him. Turns out they were keeping a secret from me. I knew they lived together and had been friends since college. I knew about their families and backgrounds. I did NOT know they had a long-term sexual relationship. It made all the difference in this book. Here's an excerpt from the morning after their first night with the heroine:

EXCERPT (caution adult material):

“Okay, so we were spontaneous and went with the flow and it sucked,” Garrett complained as he stared at the coffeemaker and watched dark liquid drip into the pot.

“It didn’t suck,” Chay replied as he clicked away on his laptop, checking their investments as he did every morning. It had been his idea to be more spontaneous. As a banker, things were pretty much mapped out in his life. Some people in his field liked that. While Chay liked his job, when he thought about it, he found much of his existence boring. He’d fallen into habits that were so predictable people could tell time by his movements.

“No, being with Jahz didn’t suck at all, but this morning does.”

Chay frowned. Yeah, it did suck. Not only was Jahz gone when they’d woken but she’d left town. He hadn’t thought the sex was that bad. It had been spectacular. Then what…?

She was scared. That had to be it.

Getting up, he went to the fridge and grabbed a frozen breakfast from the wide selection in the freezer. After prepping it and shoving it into the microwave, he turned to Garrett. “I guess she wasn’t the girl for us.”

Damn, that hurt to admit. Neither he nor Garrett were much for random fuckings. Jahz had struck a chord with both of them.

“Man, you know that’s not true,” Garrett replied.

“Why, because your Byrnam gypsy blood says so?”

His friend stared at him, his lips turning white around the edges as he struggled to contain his anger. Without a word, he slammed down his cup on the counter and left the kitchen.

Well, shit. Way to rack up the points, Chay. He closed his eyes and pressed his hand over his face. Just what he needed. Pissing off his best friend. His day just couldn’t be much better.

* * * *

“Look man, I’m an asshole.”

Garrett looked up from his drafting board. “Yeah, you are.”

Chay sighed, but Garrett wasn’t feeling charitable. That little dig in the kitchen ticked him off. They both knew Garrett wasn’t particularly fond of his heritage and the way it sometimes poked its way into his life. They also both knew that he’d never been wrong. Ever. Waking up to find Jahz had hightailed it outta town had shocked the hell out of him.

“Could you throw me a bone here? I’m trying to say I’m sorry.”

He picked up the bottle of water he’d gotten from his mini-fridge and took a long drink while he glared at Chay, then deliberately turned back to his project.

“I thought you said nothing was pressing,” Chay growled.

“It’s not.”

“Then will you fucking talk to me?”


“You know what? Fine. I said I’m sorry, but you’re a jerk.” Chay spun and left the room.

“Hey!” Jumping off his stool he followed Chay. Grabbing him by the arm, he turned him back and yanked him against his chest. “Don’t call me a jerk and storm away.”

“Jerk,” Chay repeated, this time with a glint in his eyes.

“I’ll give you a jerk,” Garrett threatened. His hand thrust into Chay’s hair, and he dragged his mouth forward for a kiss. “Let’s skip coffee and go sit in the hot tub for a while.”


“Well, I didn’t say where.” He pulled Chay’s hand over the thick bulge of his erection where it strained against his pants. “I’m sure you’ll find an acceptable seat.”

Chay dropped to his knees and pulled open Garrett’s pants. “I’m sure I will. Hmm…free-balling, I see,” he commented as Garrett’s erection popped out.

“All the better to fuck you with, my dear,” he quipped.

“I thought you were a phantom not a wolf.” Leaning forward, Chay pressed his tongue to the head of Garrett’s cock. Garrett groaned as fire leapt through him. His partner could always get him going with a few torrid licks.

“That was yesterday. Today, I might just start howling,” he managed, as Chay took him deep, looking up at him with soulful brown eyes as if worshiping him. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of Chay’s mouth nearly undid him as did the burning sensations shooting through him. “Oh God, Chay, that feels good.”


Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Praise of Obama??

Oops! I meant to post this on my other blog. Well it's here now...

And then, I accidentally deleted the video. Sigh. Go here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who's Stolen the Fairy Dust

Trying to write today and feel like I've lost my marbles...ergh...fairy dust. Trying to finish the work in progress. God, I hate deadlines.

Don't forget the contest!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At the Grip

Today's my day at the Oh Get a Grip blog. Stop over and share your opinion. I'm afraid I won't be very popular, but I do have some definite opinions on this.

Well, I'm off to work on the WIP that will never end. Don't forget the Halloween contest and have a great day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Brotherly Bonds - OUT TODAY!!!

Hey! Guess what! My print book is out today. All the Cress brothers together in one book! Click the pic for details.

Halloween Contest!!!!!

Prizes are eBooks from:

Brynn Paulin

Bronwyn Green

Carol Lynne

Cindy Spencer Pape

Dakota Rebel

Kaenar Langford

Between October 6th and midnight October 20th, click on the following links and find the Jack O'Lantern each author has hidden. Send an email to with the name of the author anda description of what is depicted on their pumpkin, as well as your name and email address.On Wednesday October 22nd a winner will be selected at random from the correct entries. Winners will be notified by email, and announced on each of the sites listed. Good luck and Happy October!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just a few things

I haven't posted here in the past week, but I've been a bit political. I've been posting on the Angry American Authors blog. If you're interested, pop over there. I've just given my take on last night's debate as a response to Dakota's post, too.

In addition to that, I am now one of the contributors on the Oh Get a Grip blog. This week we're talking about Critique Partners. Come check out what we've got to say.

A bunch of my favorite authors are up for Night Owl Romance awards. Please go check them out and vote.

Stay turned for a new contest coming your way!! Details on Monday.