Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wait! This Isn't Football!

"That was one helluva a jam!"

Okay so I went to the Roller Derby yesterday with Dakota and Bronwyn. What an experience that was. When one of the players rounds the track for an introduction and carries a blow-up doll dressed in the other team's uniform, you know for sure you're not at your run of the mill sporting event. Of course the ref dressed in gold lame hot pants might give it away (check him out on Dakota's blog). He later changed the gold for pink ruffle panties. Gotta love a guy with that much confidence.

I loved the outfits the girls wore and their nicknames...Jackie Daniels, Dot Matrix, Lindsay Blowhan to name a few. Of course there was the other team: Psycho Babble, DeRanged, and Count Smacula. And the name that could not be ignored...nor the outfit and accessories...Fanny Fister. One announcer said this was his favourite dirty name ever. He also hoped that Fanny took her blow-up doll to the penalty box with her so the girls had something to do. At this point I realized the announcers at Roller Derby bouts have a slightly different code than at say...a tennis match. Sexual innuendo, off-colour talk and political comments were common fare. And nobody seemed to mind. Seriously the crowd there enjoyed it. There was such a mix of people from goth to grandmothers. Going into this, I was afraid there would be five people there and we'd be three of them. Heck no. I might not have known about our town's roller derby team but lots of other people did and it's quite popular.

I have to say in all truth -- roller derby, there's NOTHING like it. And OMG it's fun. It was a great time and I'm glad I got to share it with Bron and Dakota. It's been an awesome weekend and I hope we have a repeat soon.

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Anny Cook said...

Okay, that sounds like lots of fun. Loved the guy in the gold hot pants. Glad y'all had fun!