Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All System’s Normal

The cute kids to the left are mine…several years ago. I love my kids, I do, so why is that the first day of school is such a relief? I dropped off their sort of smiling faces this morning with no small amount of glee. So what is that? I’m guessing it’s because with the advent of the new school year, my life settles back into its normal routine. Drop of the kids, work, pick up the kids, work, Y, dinner, sleep. It’s not as simple as that but during the school year there are few surprises—and I get a lot more work done. You’d think they were four years old the way they distract. Nope. Eleven and fourteen.

I didn’t even get a little teary when I dropped them off. This year is a milestone year too. One in high school. The other in jr. high. Where do the years go? It seems like five minutes ago the oldest was in kindergarten. How time flies. Wow.

Enough of that.

So now that school has started, I’m getting back on my “normal” schedule. That will be good. Of course, there will be extra things added. Regular Scout meetings and that cute little blond boy in the picture…he wants to play football this year. The other one is into his friends and —oh man—girls. Not that he’s allowed to date. I’m mean that way.

I’m working away at Single White Knight. I’m mean to my heroes too. One of them, Toby, is a hot hot English Prof at an all girls school. Eighteen year old girls have terrible gaydar. I know… You know, every darn guy I fell for when I was 17-19 was either gay or eventually learned he was gay. Every one of them. Then I met my husband…who’s not. LOL. So anyway, poor Toby…I don’t feel bad for him. After all, he has his hero galloping onto the scene to save him. Sort of. He’s more of a problem to Toby’s peace of mind and secretive lifestyle than anything else. Deep down, I don’t think Toby will complain when all is said and done.

I’m off to work…this weekend pushed me behind schedule. I need to make up some words this week.

Things to do today:

1. I’ve said it before, but hug those kids. Man they grow up fast. Mine are now 5’10” and 5’11” and turning into men more and more everyday.

2. Check out Bronwyn’s new cat trick.

3. Check out things we wish from a total (male) stranger at Kelly’s blog.

4. Pssst…the kids are at school. Spend ten minutes purging their room while they’re not looking.



Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Uh-uh. Not going into T's room without a haz-mat suit. Will be looking forward to Toby's story!

Kelly Kirch said...


Holy buckets! THIS is why I was afraid to put my tiny 11 year old in middle school this year. J has to stretch to be 4'10". Not kidding. It's also why I'm terrified of hormonal boys trying to force affection on her.

Brynn Paulin, Author of sassy erotic romance. said...

Cindy, I'm afraid of reaching haz-mat conditions here...

Kelly, he's almost 12 and despite his size is awfully darn sweet with very fragile feelings. A lot of boys like him are. I bet J will be fine. Besides at 4'10" she's at a good height to give them a really sharp elbow to the gut.

Anny Cook said...

I remember the day the last one went to kindergarten. I went home and sat on the couch with the cat. My friend came over and asked what are you doing? "I'm listening to the silence." So we sat there on the couch, not saying a word and just listened.

Molly Daniels said...

My 14-year-old is officially taller than me...by 1/2 and inch. Was hoping to celebrate the toddler's 1st day back with breakfast out, but hubby declined. Tomorrow, I start purging toys!