Friday, August 29, 2008

Procrastination-3 / Writer-0

Day three of virtually no writing. I don't have writer's block. I don't believe in it. I've just been struggling with myself. Finally last night…at 11:30 (weird, huh--two nights in a row), I had a major breakthrough on the scene that’s been kicking my behind. I am so good to go now, you might not see a blog from me for days…

Okay, well maybe you will. And hopefully it will say things like: 6000 words!!!!

Anyway, last night…at 11:30 (sigh) I suddenly had the light bulb go off and I wrote seven pages by hand in 20 minutes. Hopefully, I can stay on track for the next ten days.

Sooooo…have you ever tried to download a Harlequin eBook? Don’t. I spent a half hour yesterday trying to download a book, then having to install new software even though I chose the Adobe format I always use, only to find out, I will ONLY be able to read the book online and cannot transfer it to my palm pilot to read on oh say…the treadmill. I’m torqued. Really really irritated. I’ve heard from a few people that transferring to the palm pilot isn’t the only problem. They can’t transfer to their eReaders either. I was very disappointed. To tell the truth, I love reading HQ Presents. Well, more time for writing, huh?

So what to read on the treadmill…hmmmm…

I ended up loading all of Carol Lynne’s Good Time Boys and Cattle Valley books onto my palm pilot. The good time boys are the forerunners to Cattle Valley so I figured I start there. Since I told Carol I’d write a Cattle Valley ménage book in November (in not for), I want to be up to speed with the town. Carol has already gifted me with two very tasty men and I’ve picked the woman to come speeding through their lives.

Well, that’s about it. I need to get back to the WIP.

Things to do today:

1. Take a walk

2. Surf the political websites and get a feel for the candidates.

3. Check out Never Forget at Mona Risk’s blog

4. Check out some crazy places for sex at Redlines and Deadlines.



Bronwyn's Blog said...

Here's hoping for your 6000 words!

Ashley Ladd said...

growl... I bought a Harlequin ebook a few weeks ago. I can't get the thing to open. Hubby did one night, but when we tried the next night, it just refused to come up.

I submitted one Harlequin Spice Brief and I'm trying to write another, but I want to read some of the selections so I have a better idea of what they want. But if I can't open one, I'm afraid to spend money on another. I'll have to ask DS#1 to help me.

Kelly Kirch said...

Well shoot. eHarlequin will lose some eMoney if that kind of thing keeps up.

You're a producer, Brynn. I have no fears that you won't get back to writing.

Anny Cook said...

Go for it, Brynn! Best wishes with the writing!