Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Day

Just a quick blog today.

After my speech yesterday, I have to admit there was no writing for me. I hacked away at two work projects until 1:30 in the morning. And resumed at 8 this morning. The projects, both quite lengthy, should be completed today. What a relief and sense of accomplishment that always is. Unfortunately, I don’t project one will be complete until the wee hours of the morning. So probably no writing today either. Tomorrow, that’s all I’m doing however. And Friday, too.

But first, I promised a favour to a friend—friend, I haven’t forgotten you and I will have my thoughts to you tomorrow. I hate putting the things I really, really want to do on hold. Like helping people out. Do you find yourself having to do the same thing? Is it just me? My husband thinks I’m a serious workaholic. I don’t know…

Things to do today:
1. Soak feet in apple cider vinegar for a half hour then exfoliate. Seriously great results. Really.
2. Go outside and breathe some fresh air. Fall’s coming. Can you smell it yet?
3. Check out the school supply situation. School’s coming. And writers, now’s the time to get some excellent bargains on our favourite stuff (YAY!!!)
4. Consider getting your hair trimmed. There are back-to-school sales there, too.
5. Check out Jennifer Armintrout's Query Letter 101. You're sure to get a laugh or twelve.
6. Check out Kelly Kirch's challenge. I'm up for it. How 'bout you?

Have a great day!



Dakota Rebel said...

I can smell it too. The leaves are already starting to die over here. Though I think that is more from lack of rain than the changing of the season. But still, when the wind blows I get to hear the awesome scrapey sounds (yes it's a word) of dried leaves on pavement. *Sigh. I just love fall.

I hope the work goes better. I am sure your friend would prefer you get some sleep. I can't imagine a friend would ask a favor of you that couldn't wait a few more days.

Oooh, speaking of fall, September is almost here! Yay. I'm makin' reservations next week so you only have a few more days to change your mind about hanging out with me. ;)


Brynn Paulin, Author of sassy erotic romance. said...

Definitely NOT changing my mind!

Kelly Kirch said...

I can't Tennesse doesn't get fall for awhile apparently. I miss early falls.

And vinegar? Hope you don't have any owies on your feet.

Ashley Ladd said...

I'm definitely going to do Kelly's challenge to finish the wip for my TEB editor. I'm sure she'll be happy.

The kids need more school supplies, so I guess I really have to get writing to afford them.

Molly Daniels said...

Fall? It's finally hitting 90 again! I just hope it doesn't rain this weekend....outdoor venue.

Anny Cook said...

Hmmmm. #1 sounds good. Fall? Not yet here in the south. We're still in summmmmmer. If I buy one more "writerly" thing, the house hunk will likely move me out.

Have a great day.