Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coming Soon: Gentle Control

I'm losing my mind catching up with post RT stuff, but I wanted to share my upcoming book with you (Thanks April for reminding me). Gentle Control will be available from Ellora's Cave on May 14.

(BTW... Tempting Tamera update...still in the top ten at Total-e-bound. The book peaked at #4 then was bumped by the new Carol Lynn book, Rough Ride. Tamera is now holding steady at #5)


The Cress brothers are back and bad boy Josh Cress is ready to claim his woman. But bad boys aren’t always what they’re expected to be…

A Dom by nature, Josh has been without a submissive for too long. He’s craved the woman who once knelt to him but has been denied him for eight long years. When she returns seeking his forgiveness so she can put closure to their relationship, he offers her a bargain instead. He wants her to be his for two weeks, under his mastery.

Tempest knows she should refuse, but she can’t say no. Josh might have a rough exterior, but she knows the gentle Dom who resides within. She only hopes two weeks will quench the desire which has tormented her since they parted.

Time however is not theirs. The demons from their past won’t wait…


“You’re not marrying him. You’re mine.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. Josh couldn’t mean his statement the way it sounded. Tempest stared at him, sure he’d say more. He didn’t. Nevertheless, there had to be something else to this. How could there not be after all this time?

The side of his mouth turned up while his gaze devoured her and spoke of all the things he’d been waiting to do. She couldn’t help thinking she’d just jumped straight out of the frying pan and into the fire. And if the flames in Josh’s eyes were any indication she’d be reduced to ashes as soon as he touched her.
“I mean that you’re right. There is something unresolved between us.” He paused letting her see all the hunger in his gaze. A shiver ran down her spine before he continued. “I want to explore it and find…closure…too.”

Her eyes narrowed. “How?”

“I want closure too. I never had a chance to get you out of my system. So… I want submission. Yours. To me. For two weeks.”

Two weeks? She had to be back in Grand Rapids in ten days. Yet if they allowed their relationship go its natural course, maybe it wouldn’t haunt her anymore and there’d be no more what ifs. Maybe…

It might be too late for them now, but she was willing to test those waters.

She clasped her hands behind her back, realizing afterward what she’d unconsciously done. She didn’t suppose Josh had completely changed his sexual preferences. He was a dominant, and if he wanted her for the next two weeks that would mean he wanted her in his bed as his submissive. Now.

She didn’t change her position. Let him think what he wanted about her submissive pose.
Josh’s lips parted, his eyes growing darker. He swallowed as he backed toward the motorcycle a few feet behind him. “Come here, angel,” he growled.

Slowly she walked toward him drawn by the same magnet that had held her for years. It was stronger now, undeniable. She wanted to be close to him, smell his scent, feel the heat that radiated from him. She’d missed him so much.

As soon as she was within arms’ length, he reached for her and lifted her to sit on the bike without so much as the grunt she expected when he hefted her weight. Without pause, he stepped between her legs, pushing her skirt up over her knees when it would have hindered him getting close. His hand slid into her hair and he brought her mouth to his.

Tempest sighed in pleasure at the taste of the mouth she’d missed so much. His tongue stabbed between her lips in long lazy strokes, a lethal mix of coffee and maple syrup. Agony for a girl on a diet. Arching into him, she wrapped her arms around his waist. Her hands splayed on his strong back. She wished he was wearing one of the soft cotton T-shirts he’d favored when they were together. She’d bunch her hands in it and pull it up so she could feel his smooth satin skin under her fingers. Now she contented herself with clasping the stiff fabric of his oxford and dragging him closer.

The spicy cologne he’d always worn enveloped her as she welcomed his tongue and filled her with sweet nostalgia. Being in his arms with his mouth on hers was like coming home. How on earth would she leave this embrace of belonging when the time came? She could only hope he was right about getting this desire out of their systems.


Anny Cook said...

Ah, so! I finished Tamera and it was wonderful. Looking forward to more of them!

Molly Daniels said...

Oh GOOD! I was wondering if Josh's story had been written yet!

Kelly Kirch said...

Oh I love this. Brynn you gave me shivers!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Yay!!! It's almost Josh time!!!!

Kelly Kirch said...

The more I look, the more I'm certain that's the EC caveman who pouted in everyone's picture. She managed to snap his pic when he took a breath I think, or had to stretch out his lips as they were cramping. LOL. I do love the cover, he should take a clue and relax that pucker more often.