Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm perhaps one of the happiest girls in the world right now. All my hard work the last few weeks has paid off and I'm ahead of schedule on work and I finished my book. I can literally sit in my and do nothing until RT and it would be okay.

Will I?

Of course not. That is so not me. I'll start on the next two projects. There won't be a mad rush though.

We had vicious thunderstorms here last night. I heard them... I was still awake, lol. I love thunderstorms actually, but some of the thunder actually scared my laid back dog. She was sound asleep and I swear she jumped two feet. Then she looked at me like "what the heck did you do?" It's always my fault.

When I finally made it into bed, it was still raining. I love sleeping to the sound of rain. Real rain. I bought some of those nature CDs. They just didn't cut it. I need the real deal.

Speaking of the real deal, I've had to order promo supplies recently. Vista Print rocks. My stuff is beautiful and delivery has been shocking. Awesome. Lightning fast. With my postcards, I actually received them a day and a half after I ordered. Plus their prices are reasonable and detailed. Now, I haven't had so much luck with another place. A pen place. I've had nothing but frustration with them. Hidden charges galore, including charges that they took out of my account when they shipped, but only showed up on the invoice in the package I received. And their seven day delivery. Well... so far we're at twenty days. I'll never use them again. I don't want to say their name, but email me if you want to know...

On to better things, the Tempting Tamera excerpt (unedited):

Once they’d gotten through the fair’s prelim details, she gathered up their plates and stood. “Sorry. Habit,” she said, turning back towards them. “Where’s the—”

Her words dropped off as she saw the snow through the picture window that had been out of sight where she’d been on the couch. The snow fell so heavily she could barely see her car in the driveway, and from what she could see, it was buried beneath the downfall. Damn. That would take forever to clear.

Kai gently took the plates from her hands and set them on the coffee table. “I’ll call and see what they’re saying about travel conditions. Last time it snowed like this, the Cranston PD ordered everyone to stay off the roads.”

“But…” She looked out the window again. Great, now they’d polite and offer to let her use the couch while they went upstairs together. She should have suspected it would snow like this when it was coming down the way it had on the way here. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She’d been so distracted she hadn’t even thought about a possibility of a snow storm.

“Looks like we might have a snow day tomorrow,” Brian commented.

That would be a nice way to start the weekend…except for the stranded part.

“I’m so sorry,” she sighed. “I should have been paying more attention to the weather so I could leave before it got bad.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

Her head snapped around towards Kai. “What?”

“Come here,” he said, leading her to the couch and gently pushing her down to sit. He crouched in front of her while Brian scooted to sit beside her. Suddenly, she had the overwhelming sensation that she’d gotten things completely wrong. How could she have forgotten where the men lived and worked. This was Cranston. The men’s close relationship…living together… They weren’t gay. Not in this town.

Butterflies kamikazed about her stomach. The arousal she’d temporarily doused flared back to life, flooding her cleft with moist tingles. Hadn’t her new-age parents taught her the advantages and dangers of visualization? And she’d visualized this like hell. Be careful what you wish for, Tam.


Kelly Kirch said...

My cat gives me that look too, just before she digs her claws into my leg.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Poor Nixie Bell. But YAY YOU!!! I'm so glad that's off your plate - I can't wait til it releases!!!

sterlingwriter said...

Hey, breathing room is good. Getting ahead on projects is better. Having fun at RT rocks.

Ashley Ladd said...

Great excerpt.

Yeah, Vista Print's great.

I can feel your excitement - I'll have to get to RT next year.