Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks Dakota! Thanks Bronwyn!

Thanks so much to Dakota Rebel for taking over my spot at the Total-e-bound blog today. Check it out. She written an excellent and thoughtful article on emotions.

I have special thanks to the BEST SEAMSTRESS IN THE WORLD too. The awesome Ms. Bronwyn Green presented me with my fairy ball dress yesterday and I must say that she rocks my socks off. She did a fabulous job with some pretty bitchy fabric.

Yesterday, I picked up my dress for the EC party. Is it a Golden Age of Hollywood dress? No. Not really. But I love it. I will definitely be cleavage-e-rrific in it, that's for sure, although that's not why I love the dress. It's just pretty.

I officially started packing yesterday. I must say, it's a bit more intensive than I'm used to. I'm usually so laid back when I travel that I don't think about what shoes I'll wear with what outfit and my God what jewelry. Not so this time around. I swear I need different luggage for my shoes, jewelry and make-up. I need a rolling bag just to carry all my hair product and gear. Thank goodness I'm not flying. I suspect by Sunday night I'll be a wreck. It will be a great time though. I really can't wait.

I got my cover flat for Tribute for the Goddess yesterday. I can't share it yet, but it's beautiful. I love it. I also got the cover for the anthology I'm in with Carol Lynne, Bronwyn Green and Lacey Thorn. It's called Legend and will be out June 30.


Kelly Kirch said...

And I'm waiting for the tax return to go shopping for this event. Tick tock, uncle sam!

On my calendar yesterday it said Wonder Writers. You still doing that?

Anny Cook said...

Packing? You mean I have to pack? I can't just leave it all spread out on the couch??????

Jennifer Armintrout said...

I just tried on the dress I bought to be my go-to girl on dressy events. I look like I'm smuggling a basketball under it. :(

sterlingwriter said...

Don't forget to pack address labels. There's lots of give-aways that need you to fill out an entry form. Saves lots of writing.

Ashley Ladd said...

Have fun. Bring back lots of picturs from RT for us.

Molly Daniels said...

Yes! I want lots of pictures from everyone! Glad everything is starting to come together, and HAVE FUN!